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New characters but dont wanna delete old ones

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If your character slots are full and you really do not want to buy an extra character slot, you could create a new free account and create a character on there, but then you will not have access to your current account features, expansions and storage. Also, you will not be able to transfer characters between accounts or merge accounts later on. I myself would just pay for the character slot.

And do yourself and your characters a favor by not threatening to delete them:

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@"TwitCH.2341" said:Also buying a slot is out of the question, I don't want two of the same class taking up space.

And how is this going to work? If you create a new character of the same profession, you will have two, no matter what, unless you do delete your old character. I don't see how you can even remotely imagine there was another option.

As for switching servers: That's costly, but I suppose it's still cheaper than buying the game again. Furthermore, once you switch, all your characters, old and new ones, will be on the new server. Keep in mind that the server is only of relevance for WvW. PvE servers are all merged into one and only seperated by region (North America, Europe):


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@Linken.6345 said:I think OP thought it was possible to play on another server and create 5 new characters.

That is possible in some, but definitely not all other games:

  • Some don't even have multiple servers. (That is, they have just one. Example: non-Russian Allods Online.)
  • Some have multiple servers but a single counter of characters (e.g. Dofus, The Secret World).
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@TwitCH.2341 said:So I haven't played in 2 years, and before that 2 years before, I want to make another Warrior on another server, is this possible. Without having to delete anything mind you.

Think you are thinking of traditional MMO like WoW, GW2 isn't like that...your account is tied to the characters, and the account is also tied to the server you picked; you can switch servers by doing server transfer...

... in the next few months anet will be introducing guild alliance into WvW, it will be like GW1, just NA or EU regions, no more Back Gate, Sea of Sorrow, etc...

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