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Purchasing Chak Egg

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Everything goes through the trading post. The game is not designed to for strangers to trade items and gold directly. Avoid it. You would be probably scammed.

That being said the chak eggs are account bound and cannot be traded anyway.

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You can put in buy offers for 10k and they will fulfill some day, almost certainly before you get one as a drop (but maybe not any time soon or even soon™).

The vast majority of Chak Egg Sac & Confetti infusion trades take place outside the TP, because there are enough buyers willing to pay more than 10k (and enough sellers who want more than 8500 gold). Many off-market trades take place using the GW2 Exchange subreddit.

If you need help figuring out fair prices or finding an "escrow agent" (aka a middleman) to broker a safe trade, please let me know.

Warning: player-to-player trades are all done at both players' own risk; if anything goes wrong, you won't get your money (or item) back.

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@apharma.3741 said:Just be careful, I hear you can have a 3 month ban for accepting high priced items if the sender is shady or is found to have account shared even if you have no clue of it.

Yeah if you do a direct trade of a lot of gold the automatic system will flag you and if the seller is shady or if any of the accounts has any activity that is not allowed by the ToS you will be suspended. You are basically putting a mark of yourself if you do such high direct trades.

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