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Full Counter hits way too hard

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@"AngelLovesFredrik.6741" said:

@kipthelip.5802 said:This skill, even after some nerfs, remains one of the most over budget abilities in the game. Why should such a low skill ability hit me routinely for around 5K and thats with 2,600 toughness and scrapper runes.

@"Blocki.4931" said:"Low skill ability"

Sure, but have you thought about not attacking him so it ends up doing nothing? He's gonna block damage anyway and you just end up damaging yourself.

It's a counter and that's what it does. One of the few abilities that deal damage that are reliable, Warrior needed one of those for sure.

You know what, I agree with you 100%. If you get hit by this ability it's your own fault.

Having said that, the same was also true of DJ (an ability which I died to today and didn't immediately open my browser and create a forum post about it - so I know at least the forum whining isn't hard-coded into the ability), but they "reworked" deadeye into a useless pile of kitten, so kitten this skill. Nuke it from orbit just like all the other well-balanced skills that are easily countered.

Except mesmer, give them an ability that teleports to any conquest point instantly and insta-downs everyone around it while also providing 5 seconds damage immunity because reasons.

To be fair, deaths judgement was about as well balanced as on release DH. It didn't have a place in competitive comps, but it demolished new players.

Yes that's true, but idk if that warrants dev time for fixing it, especially when the fix is the current abomination of deadeye we have now

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@Cloud Windfoot Omega.7485 said:OH NO how can anyone deal with 344 health regen!

I mean yeah, but... warriors will almost always have adrenal health ticking too... so that's another ~2k (and thats only a single stack- ~4k with 2) passive regen...

Now add that to almost 10 back-to-back seconds of blocks, invulnerabilities and evades.

oh no... how can anyone deal with 4334 health regen...

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