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Lion's Arch will be in danger again?


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Been thinking a lot and will we go back to LA in terms of story.

  1. Joko said he will unleash the plague on our beloved Tyria, what better way to do that than by going to LA and unleash it there where many races and characters congregate? There are many gates that connect to the main cities. Not sure how this plague works but what if besides attacking, the scarabs go through the gates and attack the main cities? I also see the other points connectiong with Joko's (hypothetical) attack in LA (we go see Logan/Ellen/Ogden and Joko appears and unleashes the plague)

  2. Logan is the new Pact Marshal and Almorra said in episode 1 of season 3 that the new job was a desk job in LA. By the end of episode 1 in season 4 Rytlock mentions getting in contact with Logan, what if that becomes our task?

  3. In "Eye of the Brandstorm" Captain Rahim mentions that our allies from Kryta evacuated many citizens via airship. Ellen Kiel and the others most likely set course to LA.

  4. Ogden. Ogden is one of the few individuals who is immune to the plague by being a stone right? He could also be a great way for exposition as he was a companion in GW1 (dont know much about that part btw). Maybe explain how the plague works?

  5. Speaking of Ogden, Yuri tweeted something about Lord Faren and Hero-Tron. It is most likely a given that Faren will return, but if we go back to LA makes sense to see the golem again. The Tron is also immune and his new job as an "official representative of Lion's Arch" maybe dictates to protect the city and citizens?

  6. How will LA connect with a new map? Evon Gnashblade has a hidden Asura gate in his HQ Maybe that gate will takes us to the new map? This would also bring back Evon back in the story

  7. Season 4 has had some callbacks to Season 1. Personal enemy (Scarlet/Joko), invasions all over Tyria (Scarlet's invasion/Joko portals), going to Southsun Cove (S1 introduced it/S4 current event). It'd be nice to have another attack on LA.

  8. Show LA means business! Ever since the new LA some NPCs have said "we are ready for another attack". Well show it, have Lion's Arch fortified defenses be put to the test.

  9. If everything is not Joko related then what about the new upcoming underwater revamp? This hydra art was shown in the Hot's website

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IIRC, someone had asked an ANet dev about that asura gate and the answer was a super-vague "where Evon stores his goods" answer. So I doubt that'll be a portal to a new map.

That said, I could see us returning to LA, since Joko's threatening Central Tyria, but not necessarily it being in danger as there are probably better, less plot-repetative targets for Joko to assault.

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Only will Joko be able to get the plague to start spreading or will be where he almost unleashes the scarab plague only to fail thanks to heros stopping Joko once more. or one of the elder dragons mess up that plan or even worse absords the scarab plague into itself.

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