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Un-split the Split-blade


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In WvW it's power coefficient is much higher than pve for a while now, i don't see a reason why it should remain so exclusively for wvw, why hasn't Anet made it the same for pve?I do play wvw a lot, but find axe main-hand more enjoyable in pve, but the low damage of splitblade in pve is unnecessary at this point.

Buff axe.

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@OGDeadHead.8326 said:There's no reason, they've probably just forgot about it.

@Koja.5169 said:Couldn't be anything but an oversight.

I don't think so. It's going to be its 1st anniversary on June 20th, LMAO. They revisited it again on March balance patch, but didn't ''unsplit''. I've come to think they are doing it on purpose. What purpose ? I don't know.

Another thing that went ''under radar'' is Crippling Thrust and Ambidexterity. Crippling Thrust (Ranger Sword AA) STILL only hit one target. Thief and Warrior crippling AA hit 3 targets.

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@Lunateric.3708 said:They should also unsplit winter's bite to be perfectly honest along with other minor trait tweaks for PvE, and with that we may be able to see axe/axe - Greatsword power soulbeast as a strong pick.

Wasnt wintersbite unsplitt once?

Edit: Yes it was (150% dmg increase) , but the last competitive mode only change wasnt. (20% more dmg plus improved bleeds)

Charges on several weaponskills on ranger would be nice too. WB, Throw torch, crippling talon etc.

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@Koja.5169 said:I have to agree, OG. Can't think of a single other case in which an ability is tuned to be stronger in WvW or PvP than in PvE. Couldn't be anything but an oversight.

Some of the renegade bow skills were stronger overall in wvw but that was unsplit recently.

I use power GS and A/A in pve and splitblade just feels like an empty skill slot to me, I always felt that since you need to be up somethings ass to use it well it should at least hit harder.

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