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Renaming my Sylvari to be more lore/racially correct

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I would err away from lineage themed naming, as its a very generic elvish approch. As backwards as it sounds, sylvari surnames and titles are more funtional or aspersional in nature; with the historical significance being a side effect of the titles definition. Titles of feats are rare, but when taken are to draw attention to a specific response.

I've noticed this more with nightmare court as an intimidation tactic, though heroic sylvari may adopt a title given to them by others if it conveys an ideal they subscribe to. incorporating their wyld hunt is more likely for young sylvari.... but they share a cultural parallel with Norn in that title will evolve as their experiences and personalitys grow. Consider Scarlet changed her whole name with a new found purpose.

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@Batel.9206 said:

@"Artemisa.9013" said:If I had a Sylvari I would probably use her/his cycle as a "surname". For example, in your case: Lerin of Dusk ^-^

Do note that a name like this will appear as "Lerin Of Dusk." Sadly, we can't have the "of" be lowercase instead of capitalized. It's a minor quibble, but it's still something to consider.

You're right! But I kinda like it that way. Seems more... elegant? Or maybe I'm just used to it :)

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