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Autorepeating reward track for WvW unchecking itself...

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...upon leaving WvW.

I played WvW a long time tonight and noticed I had to re-click on the autorepeat button for Arah because somehow it had gotten turned off Sorrow's Embrace, assumedly when I logged off last night. When I popped back over to LA tonight, I went to go see how much longer I had left on that track to discover it was still selected, as i hadn't completed it, but the little button had been reset to "off" again.

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I had something like this, the track I'm doing repeated no problem, then out of no where I was getting rewards from a totally different track and had to go in and activate the track I'm working on - I was a little way in so it wasn't a case as it completed and didn't re-set, it just 'ad hoc' changed to another one.

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Twice now when I've...

A ) got the Auto-Repeat Reward Track checked... and...B ) my repeatable reward track completes... but...

it DOES NOT REPEAT it. :disappointed:

It instead acts exactly as it did before this feature was implemented:It selects the track that has the most progress and continues adding progress to that one.

Anet, this is not working. I have to manually reselect/activate my repeatable reward track (Caudecus Manor) even though the check box to auto-repeat is checked.

NOTE: once it switches to the other track (Ascalon), it unchecks the auto-repeat box.

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I have the same issue with some reward tracks> @Khisanth.2948 said:

Just tested.

  • Opened the reward track window.
  • Noticed it was unchecked.
  • Checked it.
  • Moved to a different WvW map.
  • Opened reward track window again and now it is unchecked.

I have the same issue with some reward tracks. I can't keep the Twilight Arbor reward track repeating, but the stupid Citadel of Flame track... which I hated because I have no need for it and yet it was always what would get activated when I switched reward tracks, and thus needed the repeating reward tracks to fix... doesn't have the problem.

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after many loading screens ...

Ascalonian Catacombs - brokenBitterfrost Frontier - workingBloodstone Fen - workingCaudecus Manor - brokenCitadel of Flame - workingCrucible of Eternity - workingCrystal Desert - workingDomain of Istan - workingDraconis Mons - workingEmber Bay - workingGift of Battle - workingHeart of Maguuma - workingHero weapon - workingHonor of the Wave - brokenKryta - workingLake Doric - workingLegacy armor - workingMaguuma Wastes - workingSandswept Isles - workingSiren's Landing - workingSorrow's Embrace - brokenThe Ruined City of Arah - brokenTriumphant Armor - workingTwilight Arbor - broken

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