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let me help me break the dream of no down state.


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the only thing the no down stat das is make the curren boring meta more power full and promotes 1 shot macro users.dunno why this forem fillet so much bs atm if u people really want more skill.stop running the same meta op scourge spike meta and run build actelie need skil to use.stop running 40 man guild groups u want game be balancent and stop using auto aim .auto targe auto cancel auto target + snap ground target and than us macros on top that.and for people think the can hide the using em when u come out portal it takes 1 second before recover.most guild now instand spike the come out the portal GG auto wars .

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I have no idea why this continue moan, as has been pointed out, there are finishers brought for gems on the store to use to places such as WvW so I doubt for a second this 'event' was ever going to be permanent. I am treating it for what it is - something different- and happy when a foe is down they are down.

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