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Would you like footsteps to be added to mounts?


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I thought the OP was polling about regular footsteps (as in footprints) until I read the third option mentioning a legendary weapon.Perhaps a better description of what you're talking about should be included in your post as legendary effects affecting mounts is different from what your poll describes (footsteps versus legendary weapon footfall effects).

As for legendary weapon effects extending to mounts, I imagine that existing legendary weapon effects would already extend to them if ANet had no plans to offer unique special effects for mounts in the future.

As mounts are clearly not being affected by current legendary weapon effects, I imagine ANet plans to develop and sell (and/or make earnable) unique mount effects at some point down the road. Current legendary weapon effects affecting mounts would create issues of having to make the different effects work together, as well as hinder the artistic freedom in designing these potential future mount effects so they can blend with the existing legendary weapon effects.

My vote? No.I feel it would be in their and players' interest to leave existing legendary weapon effects as not extending to mounts so that they are free to potentially design future mount effects without being limited logistically and artistically by existing effects.

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