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[Spoilers] Mount Acquisition

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Each of the primary collections for the mount appear to be time-gated and you can only complete one per day. Those that have completed the Newborn collection have to wait until daily reset until the next one is unlocked. Based on this, the earliest that someone will have the mount would be after Friday's reset.

So if you really want the mount, prioritize those collections each day.

EDIT: Found this on reddit.


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I'm doing the collections with my Girlfriend and am really not in a huge rush. The part that may slow you down more is having to craft the food or grow lamp if you don't have the gold to buy them off the TP. People complained about the Griffon costing 250g. You'll be paying around half that IF you already have all of the season 4 Living World chapters. Otherwise, you'll be buying any of those you don't have as well.

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For me just the fact that I've started the collection already means I'm prioritising it. Normally I'd finish the story for an episode, look through the achievements and then go back to what I had been doing and add any achievements which interest me to the end of my mental to-do list. But none of the other LS achievements have awarded a dragon. That pushes it right to the top of my to-do list (it's actually on my real-life to-do list for today) and pretty much guarantees it will be my priority until I have it.

But so far I haven't been able to play enough for the time gate to be a problem for me, and at this point I'm kind of curious about whether I'll ever be able to get to a point where it is a problem for me. Although I'm not in any rush, I've known since before I started this game I'd never be the first to do anything because I play slowly and often can't play at all (last weekend for example). I'm happy to take my time with it, even when I am online - for example I'm trying to find as many scales as I can without using a guide, knowing it will take me longer that way. I'll get my dragon eventually, and that's the important thing.

BTW I recommend changing the title to something like 'War Eternal Mount Acquisition'. When I saw this thread I thought it was about all the mounts, and as time goes on and the skyscale is less of a hot topic it will become more unclear - which means you run the risk of people who haven't done it yet clicking on the topic because they think it's about the other mounts.

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