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How to report geometry problems?


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I know how to warclaw through the inner gates of air keep, I know how to glide out of EBG into the weird place that surrounds EBG (I suspect I could treb Jerifer's from out there), and I know how to get into the alpine citadel on enemy maps. Outside of WVW there are all kinds of weird places you can end up. Building that were probably never meant to be seen. Strange mazes through invisible (from the inside) geometry.

I know I should tell other people, or post where/how on the forums. And so, this knowledge sits inside me, desperate to get out. I saw a posting by Ben with the awesome last name who said he would take these reports, and I tried messaging him, but it has been weeks and I have received no reply.

Is there anywhere to go to get these problems solved?

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Id honestly say that its more likely to pray and get answer than report WvW terrain bug and see it being actually fixed.

Not just me but many people reported „obstructed” bugs all around maps, terrain that is once accesable by shadowstep and once is not, dropping under SM, even very simple way to get into Air Keep without mesmer help (well, this one was actually fixed).Idk m8, try your luck and may the Force be with you.

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i use the in-game /bug reporting tool for any location I can get to, /stuck if I can't get out (saves me typing a report).For locations I can't reach (or don't want to), I take a screen and submit to ANet.

I don't worry about when it gets fixed; that's ANet's job. My contribution is to give them enough info to make it easy for them to agree with me it's a bug.

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Are they exploitable?If so, wait until anet employees find out and abuse them, then record them glitching into towers etc with the anet guild tag on, and post the video here and then get banned for it. Then post all of that to Reddit or other sites and wait for outrage to ensue.

Yes, that really happened.

Yes this post might get deleted and I will probably get another forum infraction/ban for mentioning it.

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