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Make Frost trap great (again?)


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Maul is a 1.75 coeff and frost trap is a 2 so Maul is weaker according to the wiki. However maul it's clearly doing more damage. Either the wiki is wrong or the trap isn't using ascended weapon strength. This might be the more reasonable change request.

Frost is a viable 3rd utility option for raids/fotm fights that have short burst phases. That being said, I would definitely be ok with a buff to frost traps damage. Or storm spirit scaling with the rangers power and not the spirit.

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@InsaneQR.7412 said:Does not have a third utility?QZ, SE and SotW.Thats three for me.

But yeah FT needs a serious improvement.A pull and a stun would be nice though.Dmg wise it could use some too but it mainly lacks any reasonable use and just for dmg seems a bit plain to me.

Pull would be good or some other kind of hard cc

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@AlexndrTheGreat.8310 said:While yes you can use FT for more burst damage, I personally like using Dolyak Stance for in demand stability. Times when I’m in the middle of a whirling defense and see a mechanic coming, giving myself on demand stab helps me maintain my dps while letting myself be relatively brain dead.

Use dolyak too for all burst which is interrupted very othen without stance

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