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What ever happened to Swiss and automated Tournaments?


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Yall praising them for this kind of threatment. "Progress has been made" is something that we have been reading for what? A year and a half? More? What is with secret keeping? Are they THAT afraid of leaking information that they prefer to lose players than to provide actual info or are they just ashamed of their own continental drift speed performance? This has been a problem since day one and it has gotten old already.

Honestly, this is why we don't get nice things.

inc another ban for being "disrespectful"

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@"Falan.1839" said:Also I've heard from multiple Anet partners that under Swiss, the mAT Final would still be Bo1. This would completely destroy the purpose behind it.


(Jaw confirmed it aswell)

So basically 2 years of wait for a useless change.

The purpose was to give the unexperienced people more than one game and give them a chance to progress. I can not see why this should not work.

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@Waffler.1257 said:How come Guild Wars 1 had swiss style automated tournaments, guild alliances, build templates, the ability to spectate PvP matches and now... 7 years after release, nobody has a clue how to create any of these features for Guild Wars 2? Was the Anet dev team collectively lobotomized at some point? This is beyond bizarre.

It makes more sense when you realize all the original gw devs shifted away from the company especially during gw2 development so it's like a huge team of newbies from who knows where. We still only have 1 semi active pvp mode in the game.. lol xD

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@Eddbopkins.2630 said:

@phokus.8934 said:August 30th will reveal more details about pvp, wvw, and pve.

Why August 30th?

That's when they're having their Season 5 reveal.

Oo i see....unforutnitly i give zero fks about pve. Dont care about there story of dragons and gods.Im in it for the combat system and class mechanics.

sums up pretty much 90% of us pvp bois

too bad anet doesnt see that :(

honestly they should start making public pools to get a better grasp of what kind of community they have on each game mode and what they care about

edit: lmao, sorry, i forgot they don't care.

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