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Why no English speaking streamers with codes for the announcement?

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Title, i like watching the new announcements from other's streams because moderation isnt being silly and we can discuss the stuff shown in real time with them.

With that out of the way, why is my only chance at the outfit from streams which i dont understand the language of? It also seems like a weird thing to do considering that such codes are bound to lead to follows and boosts to the streamer's viewership so excluding your english speaking ones is just bizzare.

Also apparently some partners didnt even know about the whole streaming thing.

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Look at it the other way around: the ideal for Anet is people watching their official stream. The partner streams in other languages are a courtesy for those who don't understand English well, so they can actually follow what's going on. There's no need to do that for English speakers because they will be able to follow the official one.

Just like the restrictive timing of the event it's not going to be ideal for everyone, but the goal is to get people watching the stream, not to cover everyone's preferences.

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