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Best place to farm Volatile Magic?

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The most obvious answer is volatile magic tools, bought from the karma vendor, or gemstore (permanent). The second obvious answer is volatile magic glyphs, which can be slotted into tools, you take these and you mine volatile magic nodes and consume the drops too.

It seems like alot of gold for the initial investment but once you have them you can make over 25-30g/hour just from this.

You can also get it from metas and whatnot, but its very slow in comparison, even Istan is only 1k. If you have alot of characters you can just repeatedly hit the hearts in Istan which give packets of 75 Kralkatite Ore that you can consume for volatile magic as well.

Home instance nodes are a good long-term investment, high upfront cost but forever having a supply afterwards.

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I usually go to dragonfall and collect the magic near the vista in SE underworld, and then from the bridges. Then i hit thunderhead and get most of the magic in the keep (skyscale) and then to the oil floes (skimmer). This would put me in the area of around 500-700 vm~ per round depending on how much additional vm i feel like grabbing (various ledges in dragonfall, trails in thunderhead).

I'm constantly running out of vm though, so i wonder if there's other places i can hit too.

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Dragonfall is the best. Events+Daily+Meta+champs and gathering (use sickle of bounty, available for karma) and you can get... 6k Volatile Magic (that was my last score). Unfortunately you can do this only once per day, because there's limit on gathering Mistborn Motes and, of course, dailies.Sandswept Isles is a good map, but mostly for gathering, hearts and Specimen Chamber meta (especialy pre-event, bring something that can tag a lot of mobs).Domain of Kourna. Gathering, hearts and meta.

If you have time, gather VM in thunderhead, but there's limit on 250 orbs.

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