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New race or elite?

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They won't make another playable race since the amount of skins they'd have to go and make compatible would be a ridiculous amount of extra work.I can't say I am particularly excited about the prospect of another elite, either. All that the previous expansions did for my class (Mesmer) was to create an elite version of the class that was superior (P2W) to the previous. Due to the power creep and my focus being only on competitive modes of the game, I had to purchase the expansions just to be able to play and not for content. Since they have now rendered both elites from both expansions useless, I see no reason to expect anything from the next one but another power creep which will then need to be nerfed until it's no longer fun to play.

What might, might make me interested in PvE again would be new maps which allowed exploration without unnecessary, artificial time-gating. No more "poisonous swamps" I have to grind a mastery to not die to, or needing to farm mastery points to be able to access the next area in order to advance in the story. I just want maps like the core ones: open to explore. And please, for the love of god, no more map-specific currencies.

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I don't see a new race coming. Would only work if they made a few races at once. (Otherwise fans of Largos would complain if they only made Tengu and the other way round.) Though it could work to make it like the old GW1 ... having humans and a few (other than the existing ones in the game) new races starting in Cantha with a different "personal story" + living world. That only can be accessed by them. (With others later being able to join the maps but not able to do the story.) Then later tying the story from the older chars from Tyria with Cantha together.

Elite specs ... yeah would be nice. But a bit much for balancing again. (People in PvP will cry and only the latest elite specs will get played and older ones not viable anymore in "meta" unless well balanced.)

Best option would be to make 1 new base class with 2 elite specs. It's like 3 new things (core spec + the 2 elite) to balance towards each other instead of 9 (1 elite for each existing).

Maybe some other options to customize. (4th trait lline slot, level 90, new trait line with only traits - no new skills, weapons, elite mechanics) Or more focus on underwater.

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