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Why do we keep getting notifications of items when there are none?

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There's now 3 different notifications the Black Lion icon can have:

  • Blue glow = new item in the gem store (genuinely new, not old stuff returning)
  • Gift box = free item in the gem store
  • Red exclamation mark = something to collect from the trading post

If you hover the cursor over the icon it will give you text notifications for all 3 as well. I can't remember exactly what they say but I remember thinking all 3 are very similar at first glance (at least to me) and all have the word item in them.

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Oh, I appreciate the notifications. I try hard to only buy things only when they're on sale, to make the best use of my limited dollars (I almost always use real money). So, when I see the notification, I look.

This was different. There were three items listed right-clicked it, but one just vanished when I clicked it. It reminded me of a bug they had a month or two ago where there was a phantom item "available". But, everybody saw that one while it was going on, and they fixed it. This LOOKED like that, so I thought I would ask. Since it was only me, I'll just assume I had too much chocolate that day or something.

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