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lost precurser

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so, some time ago i was crafting a few precursers. i do remember crafting the 2nd gen dagger - claw of resolutions, i know this because the skin us unlocked and that i already have the recsapi when i goto hobbs in LA. i checked 8 daggers on my acc as i would of used it as a weapon it self until i could get around finishing it off but none say anything about "this is a precruser for dagger, Claw of the Khan-Ur. is this normal ?

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@Fat Disgrace.4275 said:

@"Strider Pj.2193" said:Do you use GW efficiency?

If no, it can help you search your toons easily

Also, I’ve minimized bags before and completely zipped over something.

tried that, spent 15 mins on "loading" so gave up and just made a new 1

If you stat changed that precursor it will be a new item and not a precursor anymore.

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