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[Suggestion] The Mists needs more Bartenders

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In each of the spawn areas we have access to a number of NPCs, including a Guild Master / Registrar which offers access to guild banks, etc.

In the very near future, maybe the Guild Master could bring along Nathan the Bartender (https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Nathan_the_Bartender) or a clone to the camp, enabling us to change our Guild Enhancements? Last December's patch made Guild Enchancements permanent, which was a great QoL change, but there remains the issue of having a character that you use in multiple modes. While in WvW, I want to have the Guild WXP Gain enhancement, but that doesn't do much for my character when they swap to doing fractals or PvP.

Adding this NPC would save us having to port to a guild hall to change enhancements each time we swap game modes. I personally would rather a drop down menu in the UI, but adding the NPC accomplishes almost the same thing. Should also add a copy of the NPC to the PvP lobby.

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