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Suggestion: Color Swatch Slots for Outfits!

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Years ago I would not have thought this to be possible, but the introduction of build templates and being able to expand your "build slots" has given me an idea.

Color Palette Slots for Outfits!

Tired of recoloring your different outfits because what looks great on one outfit doesn't work on another? Tired of trying to remember what exact colors you used from your dye library to achieve that certain look? The option to store or save colors individually to outfits (not armor, mind you, as this is already possible with armor!) or at the very least have a quick-load color swatch that you can click on to instantly apply to the outfit you're wearing to make changing your Gem-Store wardrobe on the fly so much easier would be a great quality of life update for the game.

Let's say that you like the default colors of Gwen's outfit, but want your Chef's outfit to be pink and blue. With two or three saved color swatches to simply click on to apply colors, you would no longer have to go through the trouble of erasing colors and then finding and adding them again later when you swap between the two outfits.

Of course, it would be 100% better if outfits could simply remember to save the colors you put on them themselves, but really we're looking at whatever would be easier for Anet to code into the game.

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I would really like this.

This is one of the main reasons I don't buy many outfits. I like using them as a quick alternative for situations where armour looks out of place. I don't want to spend ages choosing dyes because that defeats the point of having a quick swap. But as I get more outfits it gets harder to find dyes that look good across all of them, so I just don't buy them unless it's something I really love.

If there was a way to save dyes per outfit, or even save different sets of dyes which can be applied to any outfit, it would be a big improvement.

(The other thing I'd like is a keyboard shortcut to swap between armour and the currently selected outfit, like we used to have for town clothes.)

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