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How does Vampiric Pressence work ?

Marko Welder.3547

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I know its an Aura, but is the healing and damage that your allies do and get based on YOUR "aura providers" Healing power and Power or its on the benefactor? Example:If i have 1000 HP and it says on my aura that allies heal for 50hp per attack. And two allies near you have:First ally has 1500HealPower
Second Ally has 0 Heal Power.
Does first and second ally heal the same , 50 hp per hit because their HP has nothing to do with Aura that YOU provide ?
ORI will heal 50hp per hit as it says for me, First ally will heal for 60-70 because he got more HP than me and Second ally will heal for 30 because he got NO healing power ?

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The Necro and Renegade group life drains are healing abilities and use the caster's Healing Power.

As far as I know, the only exception is Venoms on Thief, which strangely use the caster's Condition Damage and the ally's Healing Power(?). I think this is because Venoms are applied to allies as long-lasting buffs, rather than an aura.

Beware that life drain (and Scourge barriers) are not affected by outgoing healing% modifiers, even on allies.

See also https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Soulcleave%27s_Summit

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Why are you asking? Do you want to build for it? Don't do it. It's bad.

Explanation:Everything scales with your stats.

Damage portion of the trait works with your power.If you increase your power stat allies will do more damage with it.

Healing portion of the trait works with your healing power. If you increase your healing power stat, allies will heal more from the trait.

So: it's only your stats that matter

If you have an ally with 1000healpower and 100power and one with 1000power and 0 heal power, they will heal and do the same amount of damage as you do

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I'm pretty sure it's based on the source's stats, which would be you if you're the one applying the effect to allies.

I expect you know this already but Lifesteal works off two different stats too.Power increases the damage of lifesteal attacks but not the healing and vice versa for Healing power which increases the healing but not the damage.I expect this also applies with Vampiric pressence as well.Your power stat should impact allies lifesteal damage from this effect if you are the source.And your healing power should impact their lifesteal healing from this effect if you are the source.Likewise when you go into shroud your allies lifesteal damage and healing from Vampiric Presence should also be increased.

You can tell if you're the source by hovering over the effect icon on an ally, if there is no named source on the pop up description then you are the source.If there is a source + player name then that player is currently the source of the effect, I am unsure if there is any priority on this effect either but you would assume it would be the player with the highest healing power... hopefully it is.

It's all pretty confusing though, perhaps what traits and abilities like this really need in Gw2 is some kind of strong visual cue that only you can see if you are the source of the effect.I don't think you can see any of the damage or healing being done by Vampiric Presence that you have cast on other players.Maybe it does and i'm completely blanking it from my brain right now.. but if it doesn't, perhaps anet should consider changing that to make it much easier for Necro players to keep track of their ability to heal with this trait.

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Iirc, Necro got VP back in 2015 before any elite specializations and it was weak-sauce even back then. I do not recall it being buffed after HoT.

Unlike other shared buffs, Vampiric Aura (not a real aura) did not scale very well with the expansions and power creep because it is a life-steal and Arenanet keeps that mechanic under tight control.

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