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Breakout Event : Reduce Players Required.


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I propose that Arenanet do something for WvW! No, I'll persist with the post despite all the laughter.

We can garner approximately two players to start the Siegeraiser "breakout" event. We waited 3 hours and nobody joined us despite all the polite requests. Enemies have zergs and gankers. also send hejkp.

Plz fix. kthx.

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@Dawdler.8521 said:The event only exist on EB nowadays. I call fake news.

But they are being spawn camped on 4 borders and 12 exits. ?It WAS on EB. And we wanted the Siegeraiser Breakout Event, not exits!

@primatos.5413 said:This makes me sad somehow :(C'moon Anet we got to do something?!Ah.. wait.. did u try asking teamchat oder mapchat for help starting event?!

That was the first thing we tried,Then we tried moved the golems over to siegeraiser, thinking people might want to try to recap using those, but no.Then we tried building bonfires and food to lure people over ...... and dancing in stupid cosmetic outfits to draw in the PvE crowd.Then we tried playing musical instruments in the hope that [cmaj] might be nearby.Nothing worked. :( We can only pray for intervention from the developers.

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