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we all know we can block some one but what if we need to block a whole guild from harassing us or discriminating against us . can there be an added option below block saying Block guild that they represent . just so we can avoid guild dramas or whole bully guilds . like iv seen in PVP and WVW for Example . what do you guys think ? wouldn't it save us a lot of stress ?

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I don't know that I need to be able to ban an entire guild, but I'd enjoy a rehaul of the chat system that would also improve the block system such as:

  • have mousing over a name, even in an emote, allow you to right-click and add friend or block, etc. (No more fussing with weirdly accented names or people spamming from unseen locations)
  • detectable emote range that can be adjusted in settings
  • enable a silent form of emote that animates your character without cluttering the chat
  • let us copy text out of the chat window

And this isn't really about the chat system but

  • prevent blocked users from adding you to their follow list/seeing your character, online status, and location information
  • allow for control of squad/party/guild invites (from friends/guild members only, from no one, from everyone) in settings
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Probably quite a mess to implement. The above poster's reason is just one of many. Imagine being in an instanced group with someone and you couldn't see all of the chat because one person is blocked even though theyve done nothing wrong. Especially with people leaving and joining Guilds. The tech would probably have to be made to cope with it and for something that is unlikely to be a widespread problem

Better to just ignore them, report the harassers, and just all... get along

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Blocking whole guilds probably wouldn't be an option just because you have to figure out and code it and also decide if it's constantly checking guild membership or if it takes a snapshot when you choose to block. There's also the very real possibility that people will troll guilds by joining and then spamming map chat so everyone in the guild gets blocked rather than just the one person.

The block system does need an overhaul and AgentMoore points out some good changes, but blocking a whole guild isn't likely to happen because of all the logistical problems with making such a system even without ways to mitigate trolling.

If on-going harassment is an issue, you can always submit a ticket via the support website detailing what's going on. Action may or may not be taken, but it leaves a paper trail and support may realize that a guild is particularly toxic. But in the meantime your best bet is to keep a document of the guild(s) name and tag and manually block people on the map with said tag. Not because "you should have a thicker skin" or anything like that but because the odds of a mass-blocking system being added any time soon—if at all—are slim to none and at least manually blocking people lets you do something here and now instead of doing nothing.

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