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Request for Permanent Infusion Extractor

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Hi DEVs,

I wish to propose to the devs to have a permanent infusion extractor to be sold by Mist Potion Brewer, you can price it however you wish Fractal relics or Gold because i feel to keep buying extractor even after doing many fratcals is not sustainable and will not look like you jeopardise the best extractors you have which can remove sigils/runes

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At a price of 2850 gold, 4 silver and 11 copper. But if you place a buy order, you can obtain yours for only 2406 gold, 7 silver and 40 copper.Don't have the gold? No problemo! You can buy it via gems > gold! Just $153,- / $129,- worth of gems and you got your shiny everlasting extractor!

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