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Why is scepter considered a "bad" weapon?

I use it for a shatter build, but according to online sources (metabattle, snowcrows, etc) it's better to use a greatsword. Why is scepter overlooked most of the time?


  • Kencu.5846Kencu.5846 Member ✭✭

    I prefer scepter over greatsword. GS berserker can be easily dodged. In sPvP if I see a mesmer with GS, I know instantly when to dodge to avoid the berserker. But scepter is a bit more sneaky. It's obviously great for condi builds (you can fake running towards your enemy pretending to be a clone just to get hit while you are blocking with skill 2.Í

    For shatter build it's good because it gives you a free clone every few seconds just on autoattack.

    But don't use it in any scenarios when you might face enemies more than 5.

    Well... don't really use mesmer in those scenarios unleyy you are in raid :DDD (I'm a mesmer fan and I use it everywhere regardless of the pain and suffering :D)

  • otto.5684otto.5684 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Anemone.5320 said:
    I use it for a shatter build, but according to online sources (metabattle, snowcrows, etc) it's better to use a greatsword. Why is scepter overlooked most of the time?

    It is not. Scepter is condi weapons used primarily with mirage, so not in any competition with GS. Axe is better in most situations, but scepter is not far behind, and excels in fights where enemies attack often.

  • Stand The Wall.6987Stand The Wall.6987 Member ✭✭✭✭
    edited April 19, 2020

    it used to be ok before it got its power damage destroyed and when chaotic interruption still immob'd. it was borderline usable with chrono quickness but they nerfed that too lol so its pure condi now.

    Te lazla otstara.

  • @Anemone.5320 said:
    I use it for a shatter build, but according to online sources (metabattle, snowcrows, etc) it's better to use a greatsword. Why is scepter overlooked most of the time?

    To large degree it is a question about range. GS have max range (and also have more damage the more range to target one have). Scepter is best when you can line up targets, so you get most out of it (blind 5 targets). Axe can better be used as a weapon in a combo field (chaos aura/confusion from blast) which also reduce the need for targeting each enemy. Scepter need to have the right target and the other to be close or in line.

    Another issue is if Scepters skills are projectiles (seem to have been changed in patch according to wiki) then reflects can be really a threat, with GS you can still use AA and do damage during those phases when a boss have reflect up (shield). Not everything is about pure damage, but also how certain mechanics work in this game and with more and more defensive mechanics (in PvE) that is too fast to counter some weapon work better then other. If you need to stand close to something with large AoE, then Scepter is not a good weapon as you have no mobility from itself and need Blink to get around or Deception utility + Jaunt.

    Scepter is a weapon that probably work better when you use stealth (Torch) and can get out of danger before your health will get really low. GS apply vulnerability and give Might, so even when people tend to look at it as a power weapon or direct damage type it will also increase condition damage (vulnerability increase percent damage from all sources and Might both increase Power and Condition damage the more stack you can get). From that point GS is more flexible weapon then Scepter as it is based on Torment and only one source for Confusion, axe combine both condition (re-apply) faster and have mobility (which make target move more then Scepters Torment). There is also a difference in how each trait line interact with weapon and what type of shatter that will be available (from trait line).

  • Armen.1483Armen.1483 Member ✭✭

    Unpopular opinion: Scepter is a noob friendly/chill weapon on a support chronomancer build, the clone generation is insane, you can go for Seize the Moment trait with scepter shield and forget about wells... Not optimal, much less damage, but nobody will ever whine about not enough quickness.

    Other than that scepter won't be good in any POWER based build (I guess your "shatter build" is power).. Greatsword isn't the best weapon either honestly, as much as I like the hardcore rotation that gs gives, it is worse/less damage than s/s, s/f rota after the domi buffs (it should have been the opposite lol).

    To answer your question though it is simple, greatsword has a very op trait in domination called "Bountiful Blades" (seriously that trait is busted as an adept trait) that makes it viable, scepter on the other hand doesn't have anything like that, and it is hardly comparable to greatsword as it is one handed weapon + it is condi based. Shortly, don't use scepter on any power builds, for a ranged alternative gs is better it will make your f1 always on cooldown, you won't ever have any problems with clone generation with gs (2 clones from phantasms + 2 with heal + low cd on skill 2), and unlike scepter it actually will do power damage with skills. Scepter's strong side is mirage ambush skill, good clone generation for mirage usage, and good confusion damage on 3, and somewhat handy block. But even there axe will outperform the scepter on condi mirage too. Scepter used to be THE WEAPON OF CHOICE on condi mirage in PVP, but RIP PVP mirage now

  • pninak.1069pninak.1069 Member ✭✭✭

    you got malicious sorcery that lower cd on scepter and increases attack rate. I think it also gives extra condi dmg. but axe got a similiar one.

  • Teratus.2859Teratus.2859 Member ✭✭✭✭

    PvP/WvW side of things I can't say but for PvE I've found Sceptor lacking in many situations since it's a bit slow on the auto (much like Necromancer) and relies quite a bit on confusion which is just a meager condition in PvE against NPC enemies due to their regular pausing between attacks.

    Add to that Torment also not so great when enemies are not moving around constantly either unless you can build up a lot of it very quickly.. which tbh Core Mesmer isn't very good at doing compared to say Revenant which is exceptionally good at stacking Torment.
    Mirage I assume is better at conditions although I can't speak from experience on that one as i've never played one.