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The Priest: New Profession Idea! <3

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Hello! I'm kinda new to this kind of thing where you write stuff in some website where you share ideas etc etc.

My 1st one, about a condi-damage "rant" post, may not age well ... XD

I just want to share some wishful thinking ideas, cause its always fun LOL.

I wish I have the time and the talent to create the concept art(s) for this idea, but sighs is all i can give for it...

Here we go....

Guild Wars Theory-crafting: on new Professions.

Priest: (Caster, Versatile, God-magic)
Priests are one of the most unique and gifted people of Tyria. Mediators of awe-striking beings that shapes the world and its reality with magic and mystery, true Priests are gifted by the Divine and the Diabolical alike, due to them having the fate of becoming vessels of their respective god’s will, insinuating control over the world from age to age… but many of the Gods have left… what is your fate now as a Priest?
(IDEA: your God-magic will force you to play in a provided style in accordance to the God you’re Devout to (see Profession Mechanics and Skills Section)… for instance, 2 weapons only responds to one God, nothing more, nothing less… Use your trait-lines to provide more flexibility and, possibly, unlock the potential a Priest has; that is, to “own” your God’s magic.)

All of the Core abilities of a Priest focuses on the 6 Human Gods. The Elite Specs will make them able to do more by adding few, special mechanics, or possibly break them outright.

Core Weapons:

  1. Scepter (Medium and Melee- Ranged Damage )
    (THEME: Warder of Evil Shaman/Witch-- Lyssa)

  2. Staff (Long-Ranged Damage , Healing , and Control )
    (THEME: Prophet, Moses-like presence-- Dwayna)

  3. Focus (Long-Ranged AoE Defensive/Utility Spells )
    (THEME: Warder of Evil Shaman/Witch-- Kormir)

  4. Shield (Melee and Direct Defensive/Control Spells )
    (THEME: Paladin-- Kormir)

  5. Mace (Main-Hand: Melee AoE Damage and Utility/Control )
    (THEME: a Drumming Monk making good, short beats--Melandru)

  6. Dagger (Main-Hand: Direct, Medium Ranged Spells )
    (THEME: Cultist-like-- Grenth)

  7. Dagger (Off-hand: Melee - Ranged AoE Offensive Skills )
    (THEME: Cultist-like—Grenth)

  8. Sword (Main-hand: Direct Melee Offensive and Defensive Spells )
    (THEME: Crusader/ Zealot—Balthazar)

P.S: They are able to weapon switch.

_ Unique, Weapon Skill types:_
1) Favor:
All of the Priest core weapon skills have a favor tool tip on them. Favor grants a unique, bonus effect on a skill when its own condition is met, according to the respected God that you chose to Devout yourself to. Many Utility skills also have this tool-tip on them, but with more broader requirements, and each God is able to affect them all, unlike the weapon skills.
(Ex:) On Kormir, Focus 5; when this skill hits an invisible enemy, smite them with Kormir’s wrath: Reveal the enemy and stun them by (X)sec, and deal massive, unblockable damage when they break/deny your stun, or debilitate them when it naturally runs out.

Note: Some of the weapon skills' Favor will only activate with your respective God that you are Devoted to (i.e. Devoting yourself to Kormir will not grant any favoured bonuses to any Dagger skills, which corresponds to Grenth).
Favor type skills are very powerful spells that can change the flow of a battle. Knowing your enemy first will help you choose which God you’ll want to Devout to… but take note, each God is already powerful on its own, so choose your weapons and your skill-sets to “attain the Favor of your God”. These skills are not the Glyphs of the Elementalist/Druids, or the Elementalist's Attunement mechanic of having 4 weapon sets due to their theme of controlling the 4 elements like an Avatar; Favors are just special, and powerful, bonuses unique only to the Priests, that has a unique requirement in order to trigger them.

2) Divination:
The skills with this tool-tip affects, and are mainly affected by, the Blessing & Wrath mechanic of the priests (see bellow). Mainly found in basic attack skills (Skill 1) and the final weapon skills (Skill 5), using them increases your Blessing's resource bar, which has 3 tiers. Each tier will affect the skills with the Divination tool tip on them, in terms of effectiveness. These skills will also be affected by the Wrath mechanic, where if you ever trigger the said mechanic, it will empower both of your Skill 1 and Skill 5 (like the Thief with its Ambush skills, when stealthed). When this happens, your auto-attack chain will stop, as you're given the chance to choose either one of the empowered skills, after you trigger Wrath.

(Ex:1) Skill: Sword 1. _
_Devotion: Dwayna

Divination Passive Skill effect (Blessing tier 3): Each attack heals you and surrounding allies, also grants defensive boons.
Divination Skill effect (Wrath tier 3): Gain Barrier and Reduce Healing Skill cooldown by (X)%. When the enemy has a higher percentage of health than you, also gain a pulsing barrier effect for (X) sec.
(Ex:2) Skill: Sword 1. _
_Devotion: Balthazar

Divination Passive Skill effect (Blessing tier 3): Each attack gives you offensive boons, and has a higher chance to Crit.
Divination Skill effect (Wrath tier 3): Attack is Unblockable and Critical Strikes. When the enemy has a lower health percentage than you, next basic attack will Crit.

Core Professional Skills and Mechanic:
The Devotion mechanic makes you choose a God to use according to a situation, may it be for combat or something else (i.e. Story Instances, etc). Devoting yourself to one will provide you with there respective, and thematic, bonuses. You're able to choose any of the True Six, which will introduce you to a technical trade-off for manipulating them, Blessing & Wrath . Control of your Devotion is not like the Revenant's Legend mechanic, or the Elementalist's Attunement mechanic; but rather, changing Gods will occur as if its a sequence, and you will only have the F1(switch to the previous God) - F2 (switch to the next God) skills for switching Gods. (Ex: you'll start the sequence of your Devotion from God 1, then 2, then 3...and so on to 6, and then back to God 1, if you continue switching with your F2. Each of those numbers is a slot where you can put in any of the Gods that you want to play under the ordered, sequence system).

I imagine the F1 & F2 skills does not have a cooldown, or at least have 1/2 CD, to reminisce the Elementalist's Attunement mechanic in order to introduce versatility to Priests because of their Favor and, mainly due to, Divination skills.

Blessing is a bonus provided to the Priest based on how long you have stayed to a God you're Devoted to (e.g. the longer you stayed Devoted to Dwayna, the higher your healing effectiveness will be, etc ). This will be represented on tiers (1-3), where on the final tier, you'll receive a unique bonus, like a massive increase of your stats, cooldown reduction on certain, thematic skills, and more. The length of your Blessing will be measured with a resource bar, very much like the Warrior's Adrenaline.

Wrath is another type of bonus that will be treated as a trade-off effect for changing Gods, which will be based on the Blessing's resource bar. Its a trigger effect where switching to a God will lose and restart your Blessing's resource bar, removes the previous God's Blessing effects, and then provide its respective Wrath effect. The idea for this is that each God has an anti-thesis of themselves, represented by the other Gods, (e.g.) when you stayed Devoted to Dwayna for so long, switching to Grenth (or any other Gods) will trigger Dwayna's Wrath: you and your surrounding enemies will gain a reduced healing effectiveness state and other negative boons, based on the former God's Blessing tier that has been lost (tier 3 being the most powerful, and the only one that can trigger Divination skills (as stated above) types when its not Traited ).

Triggering Wrath will create a cooldown that denies you access to that former God, based on the Blessing's tier that was lost.

Healing, Utility, and Elite Skills: I will not delve into these for too long, but I'll provide the skill types and some examples to create the idea of what a Core Priest will have thematically.

-Prayers: Unique to the Priests, these functions like the Stances that gives an overtime effect, except these are targeted AoEs that affects both Allies, including oneself, and enemies. (These are unique and altogether different from the human racial skills.... which are usually underwhelming, but funny when human engineers have a tool-belt skill for each of them) All of these have the Favor tool-tip on them.

-Punishments: First introduced by the Scourge Elite Specialization of the Profession, the Necromancer, this skill type corrupts boons on enemies while giving them conditions with each boon that are corrupted.... Each bearing a theme from each God, but no Favor mechanics.

-Consecrations: 5 skills that are very much like the Guardian ones, except it has the Favor effect for every God you're Devoted to.

-Signets: 5 skills that are based on the theme of the 6 Gods.
--Signet of Life: Active Healing Signet, that Passively increases healing effectiveness.
--Signet of Death: (Passive) increases damage % and condition damage % effectiveness based on your own current health, (Active) exploit corpses and/or the wounded, giving barrier to allies and debilitating conditions on enemies based on the number and kind of exploits.
--Signet of Order: (Passive) Reduce incoming damage and condition damage based on the number of enemies nearby; (Active) refresh all weapon skills; increases this Signet's cooldown based on the number of refreshed skills.
--Signet of Chaos: (Passive) Increases Ferocity on Critical Strikes based on surrounding enemies' health, while applying random conditons on nearby foes; (Active) shadowstep to a location and gain chaos aura, while dealing massive damage on destination & the previous location.
--Signet of Divinity: (Passive) Trigger Divination whenever you reached a tier with your Blessing but reduces the generation per tick; (Active) Your next Divination triggers all of the Six God's Divination effects for the skill.

-Glyphs: 5 skills that corresponds to the God you're Devoted to, with the addition of having the Favor tool-tip on them for every God you're Devoted to.

Elite Skills:

-- Signet of Faith: (Passive) Increases Blessing generation by (X) ticks and increases Blessing's effectiveness on each tier. (Active) Refreshes Wrath, and apply all of the Six Gods' Wrath effects around you, while denying the negative effects of the each respective Wraths for a long duration.

-- Prayer of Deliverance: Cast a powerful invocation to the heavens that constantly apply the "Divine Delivery" Effect within a huge, targeted AoE to Enemies and Allies alike.

Delivery (Allies) - When you are downed, teleport to the Prayer's caster and put yourself into a invulnerable stasis, where you are not able to do anything but heal for a small total of health within a certain amount of time. Receive a tier 3 Blessing afterwards, based on the caster's current God; if you were not downed during the duration of the effect, gain a tier 3 blessing, but with a very long duration based on the caster's 3 Gods; 1 from the previous God, 1 from the current, and 1 from the next. _
_Delivery (Enemy) - Whenever you critical strike, inflict 2 conditions of any kind, or apply crowd control, apply 1 stack of Wrathful Delivery. At 15 stacks, receive a powerful, unblockable blow, from 33% of the total damage that you did, both in power or condition damage. Stun for the 33% of the total Crowd Control duration you caused. If you did not reach the stack's threshold, be stunned for 1 sec and be chilled and slowed for 3 sec.

-- Glyph of Apostasy: Dare to challenge your current God's might, forcefully creating a realm with your God's magic around you, constantly applying negative effects to enemies and summoning your God's powerful creations within the area; these creations will not follow you, but can attack your enemy that you're focusing on (The Favor requirements of this skill will wish for you to accept some form of repentance or punishment from your enemies in order to trigger. This will immediately stop your Elite Glyph's constant application of the AoE/ "realm" and quickly kills your summons).

Elite Specialization Ideas:
Some ideas and wishful thinking again for this class/profession. These are based on personal preferences and/or the Expansions that we already have (i.e. Heart of Thorns, Path of Fire, End of Dragons).

1) Shaman:
_Masters of the Mists, of Fire and Ice, Traditional and Primal techniques of fighting and supporting allies when endangered within the wilderness. These Shamans are taught by the people who's calling is connected to the Wilds of Tyria and its connections towards to what is beyond. By channeling the primal powers of Fire and Ice that created this world taught by the Shamans of Charr and grawl from the wilderness, while also imploring the Spirits of the Wild by the teachings of the Norn and Koda, Shamans now limits themselves from worshiping other deities in favor of ease and raw power. _
_ Sacrifices the worship of the True Six for the manipulation of 3 primal powers that has existed even before the time of the First Gods: Fire, Ice, and the Mists. Fire for raw damage, Ice for absolute control, and the Mists to gain access to ancient powers, and to gain favor to the old Wild Spirits of this world. _

  • Unlocks the dual Axe weapon proficiency
  • Unlocks the "Wild Spirits" slot skills: powerful beings that constantly provides blessings around them, while also being able to fight for you for a short amount of time.
  • Gain an F4 skill called: "Astral Patterns"
    Astral Patterns: Create an invulnerable projection of yourself that recreates all of your activities, with there output reduced by a certain percentage, except for Divination-applied abilities. The duration of the projection is based on the tiers of your Blessing.

2) Eremite:
Wanderers of the Deserts, guides to the lost and the devastated, and the last vestiges of the Dervishes' teachings, Eremites carry on the traditions of their suffering culture and people. Even made as legends to the Elonian lands and beyond, the Dancers of the Desert denies society in search for enlightenment amidst the unjust propriety that their nation is currently experiencing. The last caretakers of the ancient beauty of there nation, and of ancient Forgotten powers that this world has hidden away by magic and time, they are the Keepers of the Forgotten Lore and its ancient truths. With the coming and ending of Natural forces such as dragons, and of long-living tyrants now disappearing, Elona, and other nations, are rebuilding. But danger still lurks beneath the old sands of time, and these wanderers will make sure that the world will be reminded that another Winds of Change are coming, to make them forget history, of which may repeat itself.
Gain access to the Avatars mechanic, an F3 skill where you are able to materialize the ancient, 6 gods magic through Form and Power, gaining new, powerful abilities with the transformations for a limited time. With this, you'll never be able to weapon swap anymore.

-Unlocks the Hammer weapon proficiency (cause we can't have spears above ground... and I kinda don't want another melee staff e-spec).
-Unlocks the Stance slot skills (I could make the avatar mechanic as Stances...hmmm).

_Warrior Monks of the Empire, specializing on ranged and physical combat more than magic.
-Unlocks the Longbow weapon proficiency.
-Unlocks Physical slot skills.
(More on Sohei next time... XD)

4) Seer:
Powerful descendants of the once, ancient race of pseudo-prophets, the Seers are students of powerful magicians of the ancient times; masters of magic of many kinds, they focus on one thing that defined them; the Bloodstone. Almost all kinds of magic are within these stones, and all of these magics are just divisions upon divisions of God-magic that was "gifted" to this world by the Fallen God, Abaddon. The people who are born Seers are not gifted, but rather, cursed to envision and hear the echos of the past, touched by now-corrupted powers of the Exiled Deity, and the rising of powers, such as the dragons, and of mortals... And now, with the changes with the Winds of Time, these very stones also calls to them.__
_Priests who're taught to become Seers will know more than God-magic and such; they'll see truth beyond our realms through the veil called the Mists, of which may cause madness due to its nigh-intolerable powers. The Maguuma, with all of its writhing and confusing canopies of old trees and overgrowing life, has its own secrets that was never before found, and the Seers will handle them, by gaining authority over the secrets that this world carries, one awful truth at a time.

-Unlocks Dual Pistol weapon proficiency
-Unlocks Meditation slot skills: awe-striking, ranged skills that can be casted instantly, that focuses more on searching quickly, and annihilation of course, of the Seer's foes more so than as defensive spells.
-new F4 skill; ABOMINATE MAGIC
_The Gods has "gifted" magic to this world, when in reality it doesn't need anymore of these chaotic "laws" of supernatural power; gain the ability to see the skills of the enemy and there cooldowns for a short time. With this, you can "abominate" one of its skills, putting a cooldown to an available skill (only works on profession specific, and weapon, skills, except if its traited) or latch a "Wrath" to any of its skills that are coolingdown. When traited, you can use this skill to any of your allies, applying alacrity and then coolingdown a respective skill by a flat amount of time, or applying a "Blessing" to an available skill, cooled-down skill. _

I just want to share whats in my flying mind. Its always enjoyable to write down fleeting but entertaining ideas of a head, especially if its mine XD.

If you have gotten this far reading, thank you, and more love to guild wars!


  • Eekasqueak.7850Eekasqueak.7850 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Having a profession reliant on the human gods isn't really a good idea imo. We've also already got enough. Guardian can fill the niche already while still being able to make sense with other races.

  • Astyrah.4015Astyrah.4015 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @Levinus.6532 said:
    Hello! I'm kinda new to this kind of thing where you write stuff in some website where you share ideas etc etc.

    hi OP! welcome to the forums. as @Eekasqueak.7850 said, being a game with 5 races, having a human-centric class would be a little off. also "priests" are also mostly a human thing lore/npc-wise, "Priest of Balthazar", "Priestess of Dwayna".. whereas other races has something like Raven Shaman or Wolf Shaman for norn for example.

    your profession/class concept shows the effort you poured into it but you missed these small details. unless perhaps you change it so if you're a norn for example, instead of human gods it'll be the spirits of the wild.

  • It would be cool to have a profession that changes with your race

  • Yasai.3549Yasai.3549 Member ✭✭✭✭

    What is this a Rev rework?

    If I play a stupid build, I deserve to die.
    If I beat people on a stupid build, I deserve to get away with it.

  • I have to agree with the others that this is based on an incorrect premise.

    Lore diversion:

    • Humans have six gods, except after the end of PoF, when there are only five because ((spoiler)).(1)
    • Norn have an inadequately specified number of Spirits of the Wild, with only four "main" ones.
    • Asura follow the Great Alchemy rather than an as-such god.
    • (Pale Tree) Sylvari have a religion-level reverence for the Pale Tree, but I wouldn't say they worship her as if she's a goddess.
    • Charr (or at least player Charr) don't have any form of religion.


    • How would it interact with the human "this is my story" preselections, where one of the gods specially blessed you?
    • What if the special-blessing god is the one hinted at in the spoiler below at (1)?
    • The ability sets proposed have a moderately strong "grab bag" effect, and sound like they could be seriously OP.
    • It seems strange to punish the Priest's enemies for the Priest changing the active god.
    • You propose a mechanic that's sort of like (more than you say, I would think) a fusion of Elementalist attunements and Revenant Heroes, and then punish people for using it. That seems ... odd.

    (1) Spoiler:

    The player killed one of them, although with Aurene's help.

    @Biff.5312 said:
    Exercise your whimsy.

  • DeanBB.4268DeanBB.4268 Member ✭✭✭✭

    I applaud your effort, but it would be better spent proposing a new Elite Specialization for an existing profession. We already have 3 of each armor type (light, medium, heavy) so a balance per se. I wouldn't expect any new professions, only new elites. Besides, new elites allow a player to choose how to play a chosen character. For example, ranger could be ranged longbow, but that same character a melee Soulbeast. To me, that is better than having 20+ classes like other games.

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