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New Way to Raid

SmashGd.1056SmashGd.1056 Member ✭✭

Anet, the raids in Heart of Thorns have created a very one minded community. If you just started playing when Pof launched you are far behind the times when learning them. You're essentially forced to follow every single update from a QT website. And while I know there is a large section of people who enjoy mazimizing their clear speed please allow me to offer a suggestion of two raid modes.

Raid mode casual and Raid mode competitive.

Raid mode casual: Remove the boss enrage timers and allow team comps of a more survivial oriented playstyle to be able to play through the raids and experience the story behind the raids.

Raid mode Competitive: instead of enrage timers. Use a stopwatch like timer to test premade groups to see how fast they can clear it and make a leaderboard for the fastest groups. Offer challenges and achievements for completing certain content within a certain time or in a certain way. Ex. 3 man vale guardian. Offer leaderboard and competitive skins for said teams.

Let me know your thoughts as a community would you play competitive? Ornwouldnyou enjoy casual raiding that you could actually PUG.


  • The entire point of raids is that they are set up for the top tier of players. That's partly how the raid team can manage to put out challenging content at the frequency they do, because they only plan for one type of player; they don't have to worry about the majority (which requires dealing with far more scenarios, and potential gameplay issues).

    If you don't like how raids are set up now, choose different content; there's plenty in this game, including dungeons and fractals (for instanced play).
    I say this as someone who, at best, struggles with raiding (I don't do it regularly and I'm not part of a static group).

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  • Samnang.1879Samnang.1879 Member ✭✭✭✭

    As a good raider, i will say this:
    i consider the qt website to be the bible of raids. having said that, you don't have to follow their build to the T. it's made for players who are like them and those who can dodge mechanics, if u know u die easily, swap out a few things, like change one skill to 1 survival skill, example, warrior shattering blow to endure pain, change 1 traitline to 1 survival traitline. as long as ur gears are optimal, it doesn't really affect group dps to clear a boss before enraged.

    Anet: give us in-game customizable human NPC companion please
    Please, no more balance changes, or at least reset our gears so we don't have to waste gold changing gears every time.
    Please have option to not receive bloodstone dusts, empyreal fragments, dragonite etc

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    There have been videos made of like 5 people completing raids in masterwork gear.

  • maxwelgm.4315maxwelgm.4315 Member ✭✭✭

    @Fluffball.8307 said:
    There have been videos made of like 5 people completing raids in masterwork gear.

    While I disagree with the OP and think Raids should stay as they are, this argument is the equivalent of "Bill Gates became a billionaire from his garage, what are you doing with your life?"; comparing the performance of top notch players to even above average players is unfair at best and malicious at worst.

    With that said, raids are A-Ok at the moment as far as difficulty goes. I suppose the players that were shocked by raids during release did not try them after PoF, because overall damage went up by a large margin and raids are actually easier to do now. It is now possible, for example, to stack some condi Firebrands that didn't even go to the qT site and kill most bosses without worrying about the Chrono being skilled at keeping up quickness, so long as he pumps up alacrity (which isn't very hard at all). Actually swapping Elementalists for Guardians always was a very good idea for raid newbies, because top damage for guardian is infinitely easier to achieve and support/sustain is much better.

    The thing here, however, and it clearly shows in the OP, is that raids in themselves are not the real problem. His very first sentence doesn't say a word about raid bosses, only about the community. And the raid community, just like the PvP one and any other "competitive" community, has its problems. I'd like to insist to people who think like this though, that GW2 has one of the best and most helpful group of people there are, and Anet has already done as much as they possibly can to help propel this sentiment in raids and fractals. Training runs free of charge for non-guild members is a thing unheard of in most MMOs, and yet there are plenty being announced around.

  • Blaeys.3102Blaeys.3102 Member ✭✭✭

    Ive said it before - as long as Anet keeps their shortsighted and very limiting view of what raids are and provide for the GW2 community, these kinds of threads will naturally reoccur on this subforum, on reddit and elsewhere.

    I still believe that they will eventually have to take this route, but it may take a while before they realize it (due in large part to a very archaic team and developmental structure that doesn't allow for much flexibility). Their current model simply isn't sustainable. Raids as they are currently do not warrant delivering more than a handful each year, meaning the number of people in it for the pure hardcore experience will dwindle and move on to actual raid focused MMOs. The only way raids can warrant more developmental resources or a more aggressive schedule is to move to a more open model like the one the OP suggests.

  • @SmashGd.1056 said:
    Raid mode casual: Remove the boss enrage timers and allow team comps of a more survivial oriented playstyle to be able to play through the raids and experience the story behind the raids.

  • maddoctor.2738maddoctor.2738 Member ✭✭✭✭

    Enrage timers are never the problem with Raids.
    Also, although removing enrage timers could make life easier in bosses like Vale Guardian, it wouldn't work for others where the enrage timer is nearly irrelevant for the encounter, with a great example being Gorseval.
    For a Raid proposal to be complete it should take into account all the bosses and not be viable only on one or two of them.

  • Feanor.2358Feanor.2358 Member ✭✭✭✭

    @SmashGd.1056 said:
    Anet, the raids in Heart of Thorns have created a very one minded community.

    Please stop spreading that nonsense already. Raids didn't invent meta. Neither did DPS meters. These people were always here, and they always cared about being efficient. That's OK. Nobody's "forcing" you do do the same. If you don't want to, just don't. Play with other people, there's plenty of players in this game.

    Pretty much the same goes for the enrage timers. You don't fail the encounter because of enrage. You fail it because you fail mechanics. There are select few bosses (Gorseval and Sabetha come to mind) which would remain time-limited anyway, because of the mechanics of the fight. For the rest, the enrage timer is rather irrelevant. If you want to, you can usually outheal it. So overall your proposal serves no real purpose.

  • Joxer.6024Joxer.6024 Member ✭✭✭

    @meeflak.9714 said:
    Raids just take a desire to learn and adapt. They require a level of enthusiasm and dedication to the content. The player has to have a sense of commitment to learning the fight and their class.

    This...just this.
    Hell, People cant even group together long enough and pay attention and not do "what they want" to kill a simple Choya piñata. Yea, after I don't know how many attempts I quit trying as people wont cc him, think its just a zerg and then complain when it fails. Got a feeling this is the same people who want raids dumbed down so they don't have to think. Not gonna happen guys, or it shouldn't.

  • npmis.7860npmis.7860 Member ✭✭
    edited October 22, 2017

    ANet-answer form another thread:

    @Crystal Reid.2481 said:
    New forum, so I'll jump in with a new post on this.

    We won't be adding a different difficulty tier at this time. Raids need to continue to remain the most challenging content in the game, and they aren't designed to be accessible by everyone from a skill perspective. Could they be more accessible from a "finding 9 other players to play with" side? Sure. That isn't always an easy problem to solve, and any solution would detract away from the team making more raid content. We'd love to get more content out to you guys faster really.

    I see a lot of comments about W4 difficulty, so I'll add some notes on that as well. Balance came in later than expected since we had far more bosses and content to test than usual. Are we totally happy with how balance turned out? Yes and no. The Mursaat Overseer base difficulty is too easy, but we were very happy with the CM difficulty. For the next release we'd like to get difficulty tuned more back in line with Spirit Vale. However, some of that original difficulty and magic is hard to re-capture. You never forget your first raid boss kill.

    Taking away the enrage timer allows everyone in the team to play a very defensive build at some bosses, making it too easy. At VG you don't even have to bother to go into the greens, because the damage from them will only halflife you and since you have 4 healer it doesn't matter anyway. Other bosses have their own enrage timer, which will kill you, if you don't manage to deal enough damage.
    The idea of different tiers of whatever kind for raiding is stupid, because you have to be good. And being good in PvE includes doing high dps either through high damage ticks or buffing the others. And it is not like they are impossible hard.

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