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  1. Very much this. I have a warrior that sees a fair amount of playtime, but he's not my main. But human warrior for weekly key farm? The only class/race I use week in and week out. I think one other reason that site may show such numbers is that warrior/fighter/brawler is a fantasy mmo staple, and how many players "learn the ropes" in a game new to them. GW2's version, however, does not follow those norms, and I find it likely that a sizeable chunk of those warrior numbers end up either abandoned, relegated to mule duty, or simply left undeleted to gather anniversary and
  2. Thanks for the trip down memory lane ... And I felt some major nostalgia for Northrend watching the Lich King trailer 🤩
  3. Ok ... I admit I burst out laughing when my eyes landed on #3. As to the point being discussed, my thoughts are we'll see when we see. Speaking only for myself here, and taking everything from the core Tyria story through IBS into account; it's certainly been a bumpy ride. Some I enjoyed immensely, and some I'll kindly say I loathed. Here's to hoping they manage to knock it outta the park.
  4. I think you can be forgiven, given that much of what the game contains and offers is not at all obviously alluded to in-game. One either stumbles upon things, or is advised to "just /wiki it". It's great to discover things as you go, but npcs such as these should be practically impossible to miss imho. As much as I love the game, I do find situations like this to be one of GW2's shortcomings.
  5. They all have the same big problem - in my eyes, anyway - that keeps me from using their "native" appearance: footfalls. Footfalls, alongside all these blankety-blank infusions. are the worst things in GW2. And, again in my eyes at least, the bulk of them are downright ugly. Quality of life wise, I love 'em; but for pity's sake give me a toggle to turn footfalls and infusion auras off.
  6. I remember entering Verdant Brink for the first time, looking at the nearby wreckage, surviving Pact members, and finally opening the map and realizing the sheer verticality of the place. Admittedly, it took some time to get passed the "Ah, crap" feeling when thinking about navigating the zone, and fighting the very different enemies on my terms. Now I consider HoT my in-game home, and Tangled Depths my favorite zone in the game. I never tire of that drop through the sinkhole near the Order of Whispers waypoint - especially on a griffon or skyscale ... All the way into the depths
  7. Thanks for posting this! The music of GW2 has been one of my favorite things about the game since the beginning. That being said, I admit to being oddly ... "unsatisfied" with what was revealed here for lack of a better way to put it. Maybe once I hear the entire OST I'll like it more.
  8. A feature much like what the OP describes was an integral part of the character panels in LotRO, at least in the first 2+ years or so. Not everyone used it of course, but you could choose whether or not your character(s) were able to be inspected, and if so anyone could read the backstory you'd created. Pretty fun and harmless, at least back then. Though players could, ah, misbehave in those days, I think the only negative stuff I ever read was just poorly written in one or more ways; sentagraphs were all too common 😬 That said, time, and gamers, march on. Such a feature would lik
  9. I put off going for the skyscale for the longest time due to feeling that it would negate the need for the other mounts, and to some degree it has. It's just more convenient to stay on it rather than switching to whatever else. But I still use the others now and again. As far as the process itself goes, I had waited to hit up Dragonfall so I didn't really mind the repeated location visits; I had to travel the zone numerous times anyway. Nor did I mind the map currency collection. By this time I believe most GW2 players are used to Anet's propensity to use collections of some sort f
  10. The tone of many of the replies here is disappointing at best. Whether you're correct or not, there is no good reason to respond with condescension. Do you go around irl talking to others and your peers in such a manner? If so, well, somewhere along the line this type of communication will likely come back to bite you in ways far more unpleasant than anything these forums can dish out. To the OP: I wish you luck with your in game desires, but as others have already noted, I think such a legendary is unlikely. If for no other reason than the vast majority of legendary weapons are sp
  11. My, my you *are* worked up. And seemingly far more than those and their actions you call stupid. We'll all see in due time just what Anet is up to. But everyone is entitled to voice their objections and concerns; just as you are entitled to refute those objections and concerns. Just tone down the aggressiveness, and remember that pretty much everything stated in a thread like this is nothing but opinion And that goes for all of us.
  12. Very much this. Regardless, I see this mount as a vehicle - no pun intended - added to sell more gem store skins; pretty much the same with new fishing skiffs. Part of their business model, and a successful and lucrative one at that. Certainly helps keep the game going, so it's great so many players are excited for this. It just surely won't be for everyone under current implementation. And that's ok, just like all other content.
  13. I'm a bit disappointed in the stat changes, but not surprised they were made. What I was surprised by, and a bit pissed off about, is tying the golem's use of Rocket Punch to mace. I'm not overly impressed by the mace, and making its use mandatory to access Rocket Punch irks me. Lastly, our jade marvel still has its allergy to water? Really? The devs didn't learn the lesson afforded by the flesh golem it would seem. Ugh.
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