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  1. I get your point, but if it was just taking the core lines a bit further. Like beastmastery to soulbeast, or illusions to mirage,l. I think it could write itself. Taking the original ideas and expanding. Like dualist, dual weilding pistols, or elemental having elementals. I know it is probably more than I know... but it'll be better than some of the other stuff they are focused on.
  2. ANET, I feel like the new Elite Specs are weak and just want to voice my opinion, because this could be the last expansion for a while. It obviously appeals to some people and/or some of the die hard fans that get butt hurt from conversations like this. I suggest seeking out other opinions, not from here only. We can keep what y'all have done with the new ES, but they are not as well rounded as any core or path of fire, and weapon skills aren't thought out as much. Make more. Yeah, more balancing but at this point I think it is worth throwing as much as yo
  3. All you did was take everything I said and tore it apart. Lol Of course I'm not gonna break down every little nit picking term. There are distinctions... caster (long range magic), melee (close range physical attacks), and ranged attacks (long range physical attacks). If you don't recognize that then you just want to be volatile. Obviously elementals, necromancer, and mesmer are casters (when ppl chose these, they usually don't want to be in the middle of the fight. Guardian is between caster and melee. thief and rangers are ranged attack to melee (when ppl chose these, they
  4. From what I'm seeing so far on EOD. Classes Warrior new weapon. That is cool. I'm fine with that. Revanaunt seems pretty cool. The casters and ranged seems off though. The Elemental seems good, sucks that elemntals no matter what have to keep switching Elements. And are being pushed to melee. Necromancer causes damage to cause more damage, kind of predictable but fitting. I like that... if a caster isn't melee. Mesmer. There are complaints on every class. The one where there are too many clones in a fight. That is stupid. Each mesmer can only do 3 clon
  5. Is it just me? Or do y'all hate mesmers, long range, or long range casters?? Over a long period of time mesmers have changed into something completely different than originally anticipated. Gear changes soo many times. The core reason why I play is to have my clones... which are unique, almost for any game. Almost all elite specs are pushing for melee... or for the mesmers... a deadeye type of mechanic. This is probably going to be the last expansion for a long time. Could you please add like a clone tier mechanic.... where you can mer
  6. Underwater pvp and meta maps. Nine circles of hell type of map... introducing demon type of enemies. Heaven map with flying and nimbus type of transportations and if you go too low you end up in an existing map down below. And a super adventure box smash brothers mode. Lol
  7. Thank you for explaining that stuff Ash. Diving and coming back up is not flying unless, the Griffin is ridiculous. I'm saying this stuff not to offend anybody Turk. Like I said I like aspects of the game. Anet needs to here out the fans Yes, wow is way better. What a 14 year game compared to a six year game on its last leg. But gw2 has different things I like too. But they didn't listen to anybody, and went for cookie cutter easy management... that is why they are laying ppl off. Akuma I get it. Yeap I delved into it too. Lots of awesome skills... but 6 years same thing. Period. and sur
  8. Hi I feel like we need to let you know why a lot of ppl quit gw2. My personal reason is the inventory... some ppl like crafting and having to micro manage all that stuff, but this is hard to do when you have real life stuff going... logging in and managing my inventory is such a hassle. A lot of important stuff in it. You have to deal with it for legendary and ascended stuff. No just .003 drops. It was made that this is the only progression, other than story line, which is decent, but there are plot holes... That I don't even care about because it just does not pull me in. No romance, no
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