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  1. You misunderstood the statement, and looking for a fight where there isn't one. Think about current Cyrodiil, versus how it was in previous years as a comparison against itself. This has Nothing to do with which game came out with three-way Throne War type map. It is a statement that reflects two things. 1) Cyrodiil was more fun previously than it is currently 2) GW2 WvW is currently more fun out of the two offerings. I am not even talking about launch as most games at launch are not reflective of their potential. I am not even commenting on dev attitude.
  2. Indonesian Gamers Only [INDO] (Bahasa)
  3. They both have their advantages. I will freely admit, I modded my FFXIV with the graphics overhauls to improve it, and it becomes a hell of a lot sharper. But in no way does it compare visually to the ambience or Auric Basin, Dragonfall's forest or flame areas, Grothmar valley, or a dozen other, fully developed multi level maps. What killed me in this lead up to Endwalker was Bozja. Running around that desolate, nothing map. For the ugliest of weapons compared to previous relics. Gross. I feel FFXIV really comes together with raids, and trials. I adore a lot of the classes and at end g
  4. Not sure how to format my answer, as Server only matters for WvW. But I can confirm there is no specific Aussie WvW guild that runs anymore. Instead, you would be familiarising yourself with the guilds that run WvW during our time, and on what server. For that, I can confirm our region chose Sea of Sorrows as the primary, and in the last 24 months Maguuma has become a powerhouse. Refer to the WvW stats side as confirmation. Anyone that says Isle of Janthir is out of touch, and setting you up for disappointment. Guilds: Brotherhood of Bogans [BoB] - Maguuma. My old WvW g
  5. Hi Team, Across multiple map instances this a High Sage group was split across, we found that regardless the map, the Elemental is bugged and could not be attacked. This is required for the Season of the Dragon. Can we please ask for an eta on when this will be fixed, if it will sort itself out, or if this achievement required should be removed from the Return To list.
  6. Imagine being that bitter you worry that someone won't appreciate what they have in a video game because they didn't put in an arbitrary time to earn or deserve, according to someone else's definition of worth. Sit down.
  7. I would honestly love to see them added, with the compromise that they may not have a full fleshed out base game story, and instead a short chapter introducing them back into the fold of the outside world tying into the Icebrood Saga. Have good, but understandably limited wardrobe choices, particularly for head so as to minimise having to go back and tailor past sets. This is thinking pre-emptively in mind with the primary objections I've seen to their development.
  8. Vertigo/Dizziness is my krytponite too, but I mainly only experience that in shooters like COD or Warframe, have never encountered that in this game or any other MMO over the years, but I acknowledge that just because that's my experience, that's not reflective of yours. This game is not designed to be malicious to you or anyone experiencing issues, and if these suggestions above don't improve the experience it's okay to recognise when we have limitations, and to not try to circumvent the needs of your health... for the sake of a videogame. look after you first, friend!
  9. I was also frustrated as well. In particular, I didn't like that if a lane failed, you had to be aware of which one had failed, and reposition to get a shot at the damage avoid mechanic you were specifically gunning for. I also didn't feel like the wording on avoid all damage from the marionette was clear enough, from reading achievement description. Fortunately, I have since done them all, and only need to fit in a Cobalt Wurm Vigil escort and that's that.
  10. It actually gives Eye of the North even more use and purpose, as I don't really care for Dragon Response Missions.
  11. It's clear from the above that people seem to forget that you can only measure the success of challenging content based on the individuals success against it. Pitting 50 randoms, with no control apart from time of day and happenstance as a measure of whether content is too hard or not is irrelevant. If it's reliant on 50 people doing the right thing, it's not that the content is too hard. No one is able to reasonably overcome a collective failure of people unwilling, unable, or too impatient to persevere. Remember, the goal of this game is entertainment. Bandying about 'back in the day
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