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  1. To be fair you can barely even see the rainbow aura when the amulet is equipped. The other legendary accessories are much more visible, I would love it if it would be more prominent. Those who do not like it can just turn it off. Problem solved.
  2. Would you seriously rather uneqip all 6 pieces of legendary armor you may or may not have, put it in the bank (pray you have free slots), relog to another character, take them out of the bank and put it on them? Not to mention swapping the stats, sigils and infusions. It is a huge time saver and QoL improver. It may be "useless" for you if you don't have legendaries but then guess what. This update is not for you.
  3. Same here. All NPCs and decoration gone. Hopefully ANET can restore the guild halls as they were. We spent a lot of time and money decorating it.
  4. It should work if you go there with a different character. At least it did for me and my guildies.
  5. you can't interact with them and there is no notification that you found them. just find all 3 and you should get the achi
  6. bump. szívesen várunk még mindig új tagokat. strike missionök, raid training, gm-ek, játékok/nyeremények ^^
  7. Nope, it's not. What in-game benefit do I receive for owning a fancy skin? Nothing. Even if you want to argue for lvl80 boosts being a benefit, what extra does it exactly give the gamers? You can reach lvl80 regardless. You do not get better gear just because you used a lvl80 booster. They do not put lvl80 or an exclusive stat behind that paywall that makes you unkillable or anything. It saves you time but that's not p2w.
  8. bump. lvl 63-as guild hall, raid training. most már kettő (wow) jumping puzzle is van a guild hall-ban
  9. there is an insane amount of unprompted hate i see against rangers and the ranger class in wvw and i don' understand why? let people play what they want to play. you don't like ranger? don't play it. nobody is forcing you to.
  10. bump. we do raid trainings now as well. you can also try our state of the art jps in the guild hall.
  11. Thanks for the clarification. However, you guys need to work on your CuDo and/or communication. Even on day one of the Champions patch people were confused on what to do with "speak with the lady (can't remember her name) in the Eye of the North" step. It wasn't clear that the step was connected to the Crystal Bloom event. And after figuring out that it is, everyone just assumed that we would have to wait 1 week (so the timer to be up) for the story to continue. I say everyone assumed because you didn't tell us anything in game on how and when the story would continue. If only you sent an in-g
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