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  1. I've been with Anet for 15 years now and had a lot of fun until recently. When GW1 launched I fell in love and became a 'PC master race!' after playing consoles since I was 4 or 5 (80s baby). The last few month's it's been harder and harder to want to play. Just logging in out of habit mostly and not really having fun much anymore. Today I actually went and spent $100 on some great console games I haven't played in ages and considered whether I might get a console or just wait a bit for the next gen stuff. Either way, it's Guild Wars or nothing. Pretty sad really after supporting this company
  2. Sword based Shadowmancer that spends Lifeforce for mobility a la Scourge F-skills. Necro meets sword Rev/dagger Thief with Cantrips or Stances (Soulbeast's stances would have been great for this spec O.O). Make it happen Anet!
  3. Should there be an extra tickbox on the outfit panel to equip your current armor headpiece? Answer:ABSOLUTELY
  4. I also noticed that some classes hold the wrong part of the sword hilt...and then shoot magic beams with butterflies or summon ominous clouds from the afterlife...
  5. I think we should do this the day before the servers shut down for good!! Who's with me!?! :)
  6. Before you spend anymore on the Gemstore, I'd like to offer some advice. Unless there is a single certain skin, that you absolutely can't live without, QoL account upgrades are the absolute best use of your gems hands down. Of the QoL upgrades, Bag Slots are probably the least useful for a couple reasons, especially after taking advantage of some of the other account upgrades. Unidentified gear keeps loot bundled up nicely. Shared inventory slots means you don't have to carry multiple of the most useful items on each toon. Build templates mean you can carry an EXTRA full set of gear without an
  7. Signets and wells both got nerfed this patch so Necros can have what...chill on well of darkness (which a trait already did) and barrier when you heal more than your full health (literally stupid and doesn't solve/help anything...barrier is most useful when you don't have full health :/). Pretty disappointing overall. They clearly have no idea what they're doing or, for that matter, what they even want to do. What? Barrier is most helpful when you are not full hp? What kind of logic is that? Thats a kitten statement.If you are not full hp, heal is better in any way, because it wont just peris
  8. I wouldn't say that it's useless, just that it's a counter-intuitive trait. It's basically here to create a 3rd temporary health pool when you are at full health which isn't exactly what you're looking for when you are at full health. Anet probably thought that people would appreciate a use for wasted healing at max health. But forgot that the times when Necro would need to have use of it, they wouldn't be at max health. They actually probably forgot shroud is Necro's defense mechanic.They probably wish Necro players would forget about Necro, can't be asked to try anymore, and just wish peopl
  9. Remove drops/XP/participation from the mobs that spawn for these 2 events. Give the dolyaks a proximity check (like the dolyaks in WvW) that you have to maintain for a certain amount of time, enough that you would have to walk a fair way, in order to get event credit. GG
  10. No, they only remove good traits. So: lingering curse is next xD Yeah. 'We feel like this is a great trait. It is very distinguished as a grandmaster and a cornerstone for a variety of Necromancer condition builds and have never had a single complaint about it! For this reason it is such a natural pick that we would like to remove the increased damage and boon corrupt and give scepter skill 3 a self root for a better sense of flavor and identity. We Will also be moving it to the Reaper master tier to open up some chances for great new builds" "We also like the direction Holo has been headed f
  11. Nope, It was probably changed to Buff Necros with Well CD reduction as baseline and add in their eyes a more supportive trait in PvE, perhaps in next balance patch they will update it or make it betterIt was changed for the same reason the signet trait was shifted from gm to master tier. Traits that do only buff one utility skill category should not be gm traits, because gm traits are meant to have a huge impact on your build and limiting their effect to only a handful of utility skills, limits gm trait choices for everyone who does not want to improve or even use that skill category. In co
  12. Vampiric Rituals didn't only support power but I do agree it's replacement should have some form of offensive support. Whether that is turning offense into to defense such as 'Recieve barrier equal to your life steals plus another effect' or something else doesn't matter but Blood Bank as it is currently is just sad. Grandmaster traits were always sold to us as being important enough to vastly improve or even change how builds work. It was never here's a TRAIT and you HAVE to force a build out of abusing it to the absolute max. There's supposedly one build that makes this trait work (there cou
  13. So much this!!! Not only am I 100% sure that the usefulness/efficiency of this build is being grossly exaggerated, I'm not interested in a TRAIT that forces me (or expects me) to play exactly the opposite of how Necro should ever be played.You forgo everything you've ever known about Necro positioning. You completely thrown the ranged advantage of your shades, staff, wells, corrupts, and scepter/axe right out the window. Not only are you out of place yourself but now you're not in position to help any allies. This disregards the fact you've ditched a great supportive trait for a selfish one al
  14. A new UI with skin kits doesn't have to be just for Engi's (and you'd hear about it if it was), so why stop there. Necro Minions, Ele Summons, Warrior Banners, Ranger Spirits...let everyone get in on the action! :)
  15. Ive always thought it would be pretty cool to change the grandmaster trait to something a little more active that would work similar to SoS at the cost of Lifeforce. This would also help balance a couple of the problems this spec naturally has. Something like 'Infuse your Minions with Lifeforce to Improve their active effects (X% of LF on cast)'.-Bone minions now explode leaving a smaller version of a CPC for 4 secs-Shadow fiend teleport to target;ground target tele for Necro 900 range-Wurm now swaps places with Necro then explodes with a 300 KB 1200 rng-Bloodfiend sacrifice gives 5Quick/10Reg
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