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  1. BUT, and it's a big one. If you have them done alrdy, there's nothing unlock.
  2. I guess this though doesn't work if you have all the HP'S already done?
  3. Apologies to them here. It was my bank w/ some security stuff. When I sorted this out to buy game was np at all.
  4. 100414. They say it's my bank blocking the process. But banks don't block payments for no reason. Something triggers it and I'd bet that that something is their payment site!
  5. I just read the update about the crash 'wit many char' slots'. I got 50 so I'm wondering whether to try it again.
  6. Saved! By my alt accounts. I've managed to log in to one of them and UNCHECK that box. Same IP so settings prob' apply to all your accounts. As for the d11 stuff, never again. Just wasted the best part of 3 hrs with that thing and it's my day off work too. 'Time is money, friend'.
  7. Ticking that box was the worst thing I could have done. THAT THING I want to stand against a wall and shoot. Can't do the wvw event now. May have to resort to a full complete PC factory reset as the only thing that can get rid of this true horror as it's completely messed up my game.
  8. Clear the GW2 cache is not something How do you do that? Tried to google it and got nowhere. I use an i7 and 2060 and W10
  9. Clear the GW2 cache is not something How do you do that? Tried to google it and got nowhere. I use an i7 and 2060 and W10
  10. Where?? Teapot had the same issue I don't know how he fixed it.
  11. All i've got from it is 'Send you report to Anet..' crash .Can't get rid of now!
  12. You get the option to choose armor for another class or a rune or sigil.. I did anyway and will probably pick one of the latter.
  13. Or they might want to tempt ppl like me with 100's of clovers to use them up on the 'old stuff' before eod.
  14. When clicking on one from last week. It reset all my Edge settings and passwords. I won't be doing that again.
  15. Agree. the heart NPC can be miles away from where you're meant to be to complete it, the last thing you need when you just want to 'get on with it'.
  16. Priceless!I couldn't get this thing (repair) to start up, but after putting a SPACE between " and -repair, double click icon/shortcut the repair started up. Took a while and shortly afterwards I was at char' select screen and able to log in. Job done. Now I can mark my ticket as resolved, cheers.
  17. 'Send your report to etc'. Also the link page to Dragon Bash has an error on it.
  18. I did it for the griffon req'. From scratch it took me around 22 hours, minus an hour or so for achs . A long haul.
  19. please tell me what's the difference between "we want social equality" and "please accept us". The first may be interpreted as being slightly aggressive, very different from the second.
  20. Have they brought this thing back? For the first time in years my wvw char' got green text sayin' 'your said armor piece has been damaged'. I thought...?
  21. I have 50 char' and every one of them are M. Could never play as F as I'm not one of them. False representation.
  22. 'This item is currently obscured by another'. Ever since that friend event type thing with white t-shirts and shorts. Can't get rid of 'em.
  23. I'd like a week w/o being pulled off them from miles away, over a wall into a group of vultures. Wvw is already very 'samey', don't make it worse.
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