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  1. I pretty much only take the room temperature challenge in Fractals, Raids, and Strike missions. Honestly once you have a properly spec'ed toon and are comfortable with them, most open world mobs, including champions should not be to much an issue. However though I have been with GW since Beta GW1, note, personally, the hardest mob to stay alive to... your team mates.. I'm looking at you Overlook. And as someone said before, having a defensive build can actually hurt you more then a more glassier one, for instance in Fractals, doing enough damage bypasses the more harmful effects, same
  2. What a sanctimonious post, think kids are the only thing to bind ones time? And to think kids can be "managed" for your own desires? Sigh, lemme inform you some folks here, like myself, don't have 2 hours to spare very often, and as well don't have kids, however myself being in the US Military kind of limits my engagements and time frames to even enjoy a hour by myself quite often, specially the last few years, but since you know, ....everything is so easy to manage, I should just tell my CO not to call me after 8pm till 7am right? From the meta events in the past leading to this mang
  3. Well, I finally dipped my toes into this "Meta" from kitten. Anet... yall are crazy. What is crazier is I found the 2 hours and 10 mins!! to try it, without my CO calling yet again. That much time.. seriously? I get its end game, you want it to be spectacular and whatnot but that time frame is a bit much, however.. can be dealt with I suppose. Now the actual end fight with Soo Won, is a hot pile of [redacted]. I got the rotation down, knew where to stand, learned very quickly what to do with the wisps, never went down, only a few people actually did and I would say our DPS was overall de
  4. Reading ten pages on something I just stumbled onto, I can say this... I haven't even gotten to the last map or even tried the meta, but if it is going like this, kitten with it. Being in the military I don't have all the time in the world (specially now), to RNG my way to a mount or even success for a meta event. Shame too, I wanted the turtle so me and my SO could mess about on the little bit of time I have.
  5. Ran this now 20 times in a row, hit a wall everytime jumping threw the window. Need proof Anet? I can record and show you it. Pissing me off
  6. I may be a sadist, but I would like, (and this is personal taste), GW1 style mobs. That took skill, pull just right, HAD to have a team, (b4 heros grumble grumble), and strategize. I love GW2 and like its little quirks, but mobs IMO are fine as they are, if anything add a few more. With mounts now its all to easy to get around, and with the skill tree our toons have, I dare say easy to overpower most mobs with a little patience. I am not going to say this is a L2P issue, but I will say that GW2 as it sits now with the enemies we face, it has a decent balance for a more casual game of its c
  7. Little something somethinghttps://imgur.com/kjiylfu <---- full size image
  8. Just throwing this out there, I did Raids, got pretty good at them, static group and all, got what I needed... and for this thread up to where I am responding now, reading all of it.... is EXACTLY why I stay the kitten away from raids now. "2 cents"
  9. I was one of the few that already had map currency and was basically only halted due to time gating. That being said, after acquiring the mount I can say in my own "personal" view.... kitten thing wasn't worth it. Just something to sell skins and make people grind dead maps.
  10. Honestly, I appreciate everyone being passionate about balance changes, but I don't see why we even waste our breath. They are going to kill off classes on by one till nothing is left but a mere shell of what once was. They do not comment in profession forums and seem not to care at all about how some classes/builds are abused. This upcoming patch is further proof of this, and apparently they have been playing a different version of Chronomancer since now the class is almost useless compared to others and after this patch I don't see the need for one anymore.... GG Anet... GG.
  11. Lets face it, and has just been proven to me recently, people are way hyper sensitive to everything now a days it seems. Anything that might criticize, or show the slightest hint of disdain towards something is shot down, regardless of its intent. That being said, as far as in game commentary goes, I never noticed anything wrong with it and won't till maybe they add in the Late George Carlin.... then maybe there might be a reason.
  12. This.... this right here is one of if not the biggest problem in PvP/WvW, and if people are to blind/stubborn to see the bigger picture, then, well let the whole thing burn and rest on Anet's shoulders. This balance ..... if you can call it that, across the board, all classes, is terrible. It is driving people away, making it so new people, PEOPLE that add to the numbers of populations, that let Anet know interest is being shown, is dwindling faster then people coming in. These one trick ponies are exactly that, one trick, and a bit annoying. However the bigger issue at hand is how does t
  13. The silence from the devs is deafening. I think they have made there point clear. Sad
  14. Heck at this point I would be ... can't say happy, but just a little bit hopeful/surprised if they said ANYTHING.... This games communication is unbelievable.
  15. I share your sentiment and agree whole heartedly, however if anything you should know about Anet, communication is not a strong suit. They would rather boast there own ego's then admit something is wrong. I suggest as i have to many others, and to me as well, not to take this up here in the forums anymore, this is getting out of hand. I'm going directly to NcSoft and petitioning a "no confidence" in the dev team.
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