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  1. I'd like to imagine the Commander was fighting off attacks throughout the months inbetween the ones we play through. It is nebulous. But I feel the broad timeline still works. For example, Icebrood Saga started in the end of 1332 and ended first quarter of 1334 (the story journal states 1333, but I think thats because Champions is categorised as one episode as started then). But, yeah, the details are nebulous.
  2. I have nothing to say on this anymore, since its just everyone giving their subjective opinions, but this line is wrong. Since, at least, Season 1, the world passes at the same rate as our own.
  3. In that case I want to apologise for jumping the gun. But I hope people understand that a poll conducted on the forums is inherently not going to give an accurate view of a playerbase. Its too small of a sample size and way too self-selecting.
  4. They just don't agree with you. Liking or not liking a story is subjective, no matter how objective you feel your opinions are.
  5. You know, giving your feedback would land better with devs if you don't accompany it with memes. Also 'braham' isn't a verb.
  6. They were cut off from magic not their own, and their champions. They still have the magic within them directly. Aurene is no match for Primordus at his current level. The whole point is that Jormag's power is equal to Primordus. Jormag leaves, we leave, Primordus get the magic, Primordus overpowers Jormag, Jormag loses later on. And free will. I doubt Ryland would listen. Even if he did, that small increase of power Primordus gets would snowball into more victories against Jormag. Retreating would be losing later on. The thing I think people are
  7. But the small amounts of magic over Jormag means more chances against Jormag's forces, which means more magic, which means are better lead over Jormag, and hence the snowball.
  8. Where did you get that specifically that magic in the world outside Elder Dragons is the issue. If the cycle of magic seeps out of the dragons and then back in, then the amount of magic doesn't change. So you are saying the magic goes out of the Elder Dragons to the outside world is the issue, but that happens everytime at the end of their sleep.
  9. Disagree. 1. Ryland is very special to Jormag. Jormag sees Ryland's kind as rare, "Oh, there are some exceptions. I can see why you've bound yourself to your commander." 2. And retreating and finding another champion on par to Ryland would still give Primordus time to get ahead, which would snowball, and Jormag would still lose. Which is still irrelevent. Jormag retreats, recoups their losses, Primordus increases in power, Jormag loses later. Its checkmate.
  10. I'm saying that even if we go with the premise that they will "simply hand-wave or discard it on a whim", it is still only one way to discuss lore. They could decide that all the dragons were created by Kormir and Faren, and it STILL wouldn't nullify the want for a lore section. Because you can still discuss, analyse things like themes and motifs of past things regardless of what happens in the future. The whole point of this thread is to say "the lore is inconsistant and the future stuff would be predicated on past stuff, so theres no point for these lore forums", and my answer
  11. No, no, no. Jormag CANNOT retreat. If they did, Primordus would have gained the magic and Jormag would lose their champion. They would be so far behind, that Primordus would snowball to be beyond their capabilities. And Jormag says this during the fight, "I've stayed my hand before, brother. No more." That means Jormag chose not to retaliate back then. The key difference is now Jormag is trapped; they are out of options!, "What choice, then, do I have but to shift the balance of power by whatever means I can?"
  12. All of these things are about predictions. Your problem is dicussing lore = predictions. What is going to happen next, so you see what happened before as a puzzle piece to figure out the future. But, and I can not stress this enough is NOT the only way to discuss lore. I love going through the game and seeing the culture and lore around the place. For example, there is a norn in Hoelbrak, Mattul Krigheset that talks of using the Fang as a ballistae, piercing Jomag with their own weapon. You might see that as a prediction. "This is how its going to or should happen!" and then get d
  13. Braham and Ryland "reverted" because we cut off the connection. The big thing that happened to Ryland and Braham is NOT that the dragons died, but what happened before. Aurene cut off the Dragons' connections to their champions. and That's the difference. There was no being cutting off a Dragons magic from other minions in the past.
  14. This is not jarring at all. Jormag was forced into the situation. Knowing what we were doing, wouldn't stop the plan from working. Normally, the minions of an Elder Dragons will gather the magic, and if there is resistance, a champion in sent in to curb the defence. So the plan was to stop the main mionins, which forces the champions on the board. Because Jormag and Primordus are both equal at this point, neither would leave to give the other more magic so if one champion comes, the other would be forced to follow. The next step would be to cut off their main attacking
  15. Aurene is able to handle conflicting magic, which would otherwise result in Torment. Sadizi never mentions or hints about Torment. Sadizi talks about the balance of The All, and according to Taimi's research, a bare minimum of four are needed. And as we saw in Season 3, even though Zhaitan's and Mordremoth's magic and domains have been taken over by Primordus and Kralkatorrik, their spheres in The All remained dormant and inert. Aurene could theoretically absorb all the magic in the world and potentially be fine. But all evidence so far tells us that she cannot balance The All alone. And it's
  16. Ergo, while "too much magic" is an issue, it isn't the issue. The issue is the "Elder Dragon [im]balance." Do we know specifically that four are needed? Aurene is "special" and all that. I know you don't like it as lazy writing, but I feel its just as possible. We just don't know enough about The All. Or that The All and the balance of magic are, at least, related. After all, Sadizi says Or why there are six Elder Dragons specifically. We don't know exactly what caused the void, or the balance of The All. Does the system break down and collapse when there is not enough entities specifically?
  17. I see you bring this up a lot, Konig, but I still feel like they can make Aurene the sole Elder Dragon. If she circulates and shares magic rather than hoard it?
  18. I don't think I would describe it as "caught with an error" since, as Ruby said, they had time to look over the questions asked. Why would they choose it to answer? Granted, I'm not convinced its not an error but not 100% that it is also.
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