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  1. Airship A home away from aerodrome. Description: A player house which is an airship. It can be "docked" in any map, in the sky, because that's where the air critical to the airship lives. The commander is often cast into far-off, unfamiliar places and this provides suitable fluff for the concept to exist and be sensible. In the way that Arborstone provides a multitude of conveniences and a resting buff, the airship could expand on these core concepts as a mobile forward staging area for the god-conquering, elder dragon-taming, seat-compatible Commander but also allow fo
  2. To clarify, I'm not really opposed to meta comps exploiting these boons. I play in these groups daily. I've been running a QHFB since PoF: I have been eating the same cheese as most of you, much of it happily so. But I guess I'm just fatigued by the way we're reducing specs/professions and compositions of groups down to these two boons. We don't have to, it's just quicker and easier to do so. Imagine endgame content. Now think about the squad you assemble for it. I will now read your mind. You want a healer, a source of alac, a source of quick and whatever the best dps is right now for the res
  3. This is another point I raised elsewhere and I agree wholly about - when you're out in the world and don't have quickness (or, actually doing the instanced content without a meta group) it really feels bad. You get so used to quickness. And actually.. yes it feels better with it. Make it baseline, cook it into every skill (diluted of course) and enjoy perma quickness lite even if you're in the remotest corner of a map doing some obscure achievement on the least well regarded espec. Life could be better.
  4. I agree and this is why we don't just remove them. We have to give something else in their places. I discussed banners, spirits, group rez, etc., - it could be impactful stuff like all this. Sometimes more contextual. It's very tricky and absolutely the hardest part of this suggestion to make work because it would mean a soft rework for a lot of specs. A lot of work too. People will always settle on a meta and that's cool - my point is just how rigidly defined this one is and how it's over exploited and, to a point, over-catered to by ANet. Their idea to fix it is to change the symbol
  5. Those are important but have you ever looked at the LFG? Besides a healer, it's either asking specifically for a spec providing either of the boons I'm discussing or just directly using the names of the boons. They don't care half the time what is doing them, so long as the boons are on the bar.
  6. Two boons have come to dominate the meta. They're so in-demand and prevalent in end-game content they might as well be baseline. Maybe that's a terrible idea? Or maybe it frees up specialisations and play-styles to be more flavourful and not reduced to "It does the boon" or "It does the boon AND damage/heals". Globally increase skill activations speed by a third. Remove quickness. Globally decrease skill cooldowns by 15%. Remove alacrity. Fill the gaps in professions/specs this would leave with something else that doesn't modify these stats. This is the ha
  7. Even during the launch of EoD you hardly saw anyone. I solo'd/gave up on on a bunch of events in Seitung (the first map!) because nobody showed up. The place was a ghost town. It was really weird because in any LW episode, nevermind a fully fledged expansion, players were prevalent. Even though ANet have upped the pop caps it still seems curiously desolate.
  8. You gain the ability to cast putrid dragon's breath for a day or so. Sometimes it glitches and fires out the back.
  9. The beta launcher attacking my eyeballs with the big dragon 2 and the theme fanfare blasting me off my seat.
  10. It's a valid complaint but I think it could be remedied a lot without butchering the purpose of the LFG by bringing the LFG up to speed. The game didn't launch with the LFG tab - it was added much later. It's tacked on. It's functionality is basic and the interface and experience of using it is underwhelming and limitting. What ArenaNet should really do if they're taking a look at some core aspects of the game is really focussing on the LFG and making LFG it's own standalone item in the menu and making it industry leading and not some after thought. Instead of a dry lis
  11. One thing it might be is the legendary weapon The Moot, which is a mace. It makes a popping/firework sound with every hit. The cadence of an auto attack combo is sort of like how you describe the sound - two quicker hits then a third one after a longer delay.
  12. Although I think player housing is essentially redundant thanks to the aforementioned Home instances and Guild Halls I do have an idea for player housing. It's probably not the first time it's been thought of or mentioned either. Player Airships. It has lots of potential, doesn't take up map space, could be integrated into an expansion and have some kind of world presence, is mobile (which makes sense for the Commander) and who the kitten doesn't love airships?
  13. I mainly use mine to flex on the one-seater plebian masses.
  14. Well this is the thing about 2 and the follow-up on 4 - I frequently am a bit unsure if they even happened. Especially the 4 follow-up. Because the animation is just the AA - am I just AAing? Did I use 2/4+? And yes, in PVP/WVW I can absolutely see your point, they need to be distinguishable from each other and even more so from the AA simply because the AA can be near constantly visually present.
  15. Actually, Phantom's Onslaught (3) only looks weird if you don't hit something with it. If you do connect, it looks fine.
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