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  1. Well I like writing darker stories with the main characters being flawed. Plus I took aspects from the character stories and expanded on them. The Infinity Ball arc was where my Asuran Empire came from although I changed that Grand High Sovereign Psych O'Killer didn't die on our world since she had a temporal shield up which blocked most damage is one example.😈 Geeze, I just looked at my word doc on the story and it is 61,808 words so far. That includes the stuff I didn't post.😬
  2. Well I have 42 characters, but only my main is considered the Commander. I did write a short story series where one of my alts and my main did become a couple and eventually married with the Warmaster being the Commander's wife and bodyguard. Both were at Claw Island, but first met at Shaemoor. Now my 4 Asura also exist on that world and a parallel world where one of them is the Grand High Sovereign of the Asuran Empire. Basically they wiped out the Sylvari once they found out they were dragon minions and used WMD's on the Pale Tree and Divinities Reach. They were hunting "The Ripper" of their
  3. I finished the Dragon's End meta and then went looking for Marjory for the Looking Back achievement. I talked to her at Outer Terrace and Harvest Temple with no problem. I found and talked to her by the Seafare's Enclave, but it never counted to unlock the final part of the achievement.
  4. Same for me. I'm part of a multi-guild scouting network in Fort Aspenwood and NONE of the people I know were in the same sides. Everything is a mess. I finished wood and then called it for the week. Believe it or not, but there are people out there with long term server loyalty from different guilds who work well together. I chose Fort Aspenwood nine years ago and have stayed true to it while forming friendships over the years with other like minded people. If this is made permanent, then I'm done with WvW as alliances has sucked the fun out of the gameplay.
  5. Not everyone! I have been with Fort Aspenwood since beta and I know a bunch of guildies are the same. Some of us still fight for our server. That's the way I still fight.
  6. I play the fractal and this is NOT the original Tower of Nightmares. I'm talking about this...https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Tower_of_Nightmares_(zone)
  7. I can also see the original Tower of Nightmares coming back as well. It was a pretty fun instance!
  8. Hiya, I was in a recent story mission that showed Mira as bald with an eye patch. I thought the look would be great for one of my characters, but when I tried it the eye patch straps on back of the head were all messed up. I found this only occurs with human females. I have a picture of both how it looks on Mira and on my character.
  9. Since the Magnus's Eye Patch comes in a left and right version, I'd like to request if the pirate hook can also come as a right hand version or better yet, a hook on both hands. I'd pay for additional gems for that!
  10. I don't know about a playable race, but having a potion to turn yourself into a Tengu like you can with the Kodan and Quaggan would be a good start at the very least.
  11. Throws money at the screen Take it! Take my Money! Throws more money at the screen
  12. I don't care! Cantha is in the works! That's all that matters to me! After that is so far in the future, I'm not going to worry about it.
  13. Ditto, was switching characters, crashed and can't relog.
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