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  1. Where did ArenaNet exactly say you would need the T1 to upgrade to T2...certainly not by putting a little description that says: "Stormcaller weapons are the legions' first attempt at harnessing the elements to battle Bangar's renegades. Expect these weapons to be capable of upgrades in the near future. " All that says is to expect the weapons to be upgradable in the near future, now you can argue that including the word "upgrade" means you need the original to improve it, but that's not necessarily so, it's all in how you interpret the word upgrade. Had they said you need the T1 to upgrade to T2 in the near future then I can see the argument, the way it was actually written...I disagree it made it a complete waste of time. There was a purpose to it, to have you make the T1 weapon(s) before you could make the T2 whether you actually needed to use the T1 or not.
  2. So I take it no one posting about this on these forums bothered to read any of the articles about this....ArenaNet specifically said they were opting out until some technical issues can be dealt with...
  3. You aren't in charge of any of this or any army anymore. Especially the charr. Your group is just caught up in this mess doing the best you can. At least the charr haven't eviscerated you yet for your disagreement in their ways. They respect you enough to hear you out and end it at that. At the point of charr executing betrayers, leagues of charr before them did successfully side with the enemy and are almost completely annihilating the legions. Anyone deciding to betray after that should expect what is to happen to them in war. think about it: what is the purpose of the execution scene. gameplay? . cashshop?furthermore, i doubt many people log into a fantasy mmo to replay the daily newsThe purpose of that scene is to set the stage for the rest of the episode, it's a moment in time where you get a peek at the real Smodur...and it didn't remind me of the daily news. Don't recall seeing military executions for desertion on the daily news.
  4. Actually you're still A commander in The Pact, just not The Commander at this point in time. Actually you do resign from the pact. In Season 3. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Research_in_Rata_Novus<Character name>: General Soulkeeper, this is quite a surprise. What brings you to Rata Novus?General Almorra Soulkeeper: You do, Commander. I've come here to offer you a new position within the Pact.General Almorra Soulkeeper: The Marshal rank is...uh...vacant. And we want you to fill it.<Character name>: This is an honor.General Almorra Soulkeeper: I'm glad you view it in that light. The Pact is hanging on by a thread.<Character name>: I see...General Almorra Soulkeeper: I can tell you're having your doubts, so let me just be up front about the role.General Almorra Soulkeeper: Certain Pact elements feel like Marshal Trahearne's mistake was going out into the field and getting himself killed.General Almorra Soulkeeper: The new marshal would be planted safely in an office in Lion's Arch. Still leading the troops, but out of harm's way.<Character name>: As flattered as I am by your offer, I'm going to have to respectfully decline, General.<Character name>: After our Mordremoth battle, I believe I, Rytlock, and the others would be more effective operating as our own guild.General Almorra Soulkeeper: I understand the decision on your early retirement, although I'm disappointed. I still believe in the Pact's goal.<Character name>: I do too, and I'll always be ready to lend a hand. It'll just be outside the system.Rytlock Brimstone: Out from under a mountain of paperwork, you mean!General Almorra Soulkeeper: Laugh it up, no-eyes. I have something for you too.General Almorra Soulkeeper: A letter from the Black Citadel. You must've really brushed some higher-ups the wrong way.<Character name>: Are you sure you want to just crumple that up and throw it away?Rytlock Brimstone: Why not? It's what I did with the last two.Taimi: What did I hear? You're not in the Pact anymore? Wait. What do I call you? Pooh-bah?<Character name>: Uh, no. How about we just stick with commander for now?General Almorra Soulkeeper: Technically, it's a title for life, so you're welcome to it.Technically, reading that, though the impression is that you resign your position within the Pact, and Taimi/General Soulkeeper basically confirm it, you're more of in a reserve role now, not officially part of the Pact, but also not really out of the Pact, just operating independently, at least that's how I interpret it.
  5. "...goes ballistic"? He ran away like the petulant child he is. I hope, hope, hope, we get to kill him in the next episode. And Smodur. His very first move was to lunge directly at Smodur with sword drawn, and the only reason he didn't go through with his attack was because of the protective shield put up around Smodur by Crecia...or did you miss that part? To me that shows him going ballistic.
  6. Actually you're still A commander in The Pact, just not The Commander at this point in time.
  7. Did you finish the episode? Mine didn't reset until I had completed all the story parts, and I think that makes sense based on the story, but I don't know if that's intentional or not.
  8. If as you seem to imply you've played through to the end of the current story arc, you would have caught on to the part of Ryland not even caring about Cinder, until Smodur kills her right in front of his face, he shrugged off the mention of the others being dead already. Do you know why? He already knew they'd been turned into Icebrood, even dead...yes, Vishan was already dead yet you fought them again at the end. Ryland did care about Cinder, it shows when he goes ballistic after Smodur killed her in front of his face, he didn't want her to become Frost Legion...which is why he wanted her released. Pretty subtle story telling if you don't pay attention to the clues.
  9. Nothing happened last time, everything went back to normal...the question is, is it an EU issue only or EU and US, if it's both then they'd have to wait for the U.S. devs to investigate(remotely, from home). If it's just EU, then the server team in Germany would look into the problem. Do what we did last time, keep playing and don't worry about it, just don't buy anything from the Gem shop...unless people can't control themselves.
  10. Saw that already but it doesn't really address that the game is for some reason still online, and people are still being allowed to waste progress. Shut down didn't happen with the last roll back either, so why would they with this one? If it was just the EU servers they don't need to wait for the U.S. employees to wake up, I'm pretty sure they have staff in the EU data center to take care of it.
  11. Well, forget cities for the Norn, Hoelbrak is not the normal for how Norns live, which is usually just two or three homesteads together, no amenities like you would see in a normal village, so you can forget that idea. As for the Charr, I'm going to guess all you get are the Citadels for each legion, and those few towns in Ascalon near the Black Citadel but that's it...once your out away from the main city it's mostly military outposts.
  12. The problem is the commander tag is right in the bubble. And? I looked at the image, I don't see a problem since that Commander tag isn't really there for that player, it's there for all the other players(just like the auras are really there for everyone else).
  13. Wait, it took him almost 8 years to realize that PvE and PvP are not the same? I understood that before even playing the game, it's never the same no matter what game you play that has both modes. People say this game is easy for a reason, it is...I don't do any of the build things, my traits work with my weapon, I don't change them...I can get through all open world content and not care about the dungeons, raids, strike missions or any other stuff because it doesn't interest me. I don't do WvW any more because it's nothing like it was the first year, and PvP has never been one of things I play games for, if I wanted to beat on people or kill them I'd do it for real, not in a game. First mistake they made was nerfing Orr, had they never done that and left it as it was at release then no one would've complained about HoT or PoF, even without the vertical progression that is NOT this games point, it's all about HORIZONTAL progression and VISUALS for your character. It's ENTERTAINMENT, shouldn't be something you have to think about...there's plenty of other things for that.
  14. Yes, and that led to a dramatic increase in revenue in 4th quarter 2019, when the system was introduced. Oh, wait... revenue actually fell dramatically in 4Q19. Now, maybe the load-out system actually saved the game, but on the face of it, it doesn't look like the system was widely accepted by the target market. Why? Psychology. ANet introduced a high-priced system that is dramatically inferior to that provided by the free add-on they tolerated for years. As Mindcircus said, that left a bad taste in the mouth. Problem with that argument is we have no answers as to why revenue declined so sharply in the 4th quarter, the only people that know the reasons why are ArenaNet and NCSoft...and that's something I won't even speculate on.
  15. Since the maximum number of character slots is currently 70 they'd have to account for people that have that many slots...wonder if the OP would actually be willing to pay 35000 gems for an account wide equipment slot(he said he would, but after seeing the price I wonder)? The price of shared inventory slots do not scale in that way. What's your point? I would also being willing pay for a good templates system. Unfortunately that's not what we have. Also, the cost of opening max slots per character is absurdly expensive. Also, the max slots available is absurdly restrictive, even if you pay the absurd price. It's absurd. My point being is that for them to offer account bound equipment slots they would have to price them just that way to equate the income they can conceivably receive from selling them per character as is the case now. Sure they could potentially offer a sliding scale based on how many characters you have, but I can see all sorts of issues with that for those that create and delete characters for key runs and other things. There are players that have max character slots, but they bought a lot of the extra ones during the annual anniversary sale, the same time a lot of people buy things like keys in bulk or other things without limits on how many you can purchase. We can only hope they increase the max number of characters to 100 with the release of the 3rd expansion, for those that feel the need to have that many characters. And you missed my point. The price of account-wide shared inventory slots does not scale. It makes no difference if you have 5 or 70 characters, the price is the same. It seems Anet has no problem with this. There is, therefore, a precedence for this that they could have followed with their templates bullsheet. Given how equip templates function a lot more similar to bag slots, given they store items, guess what precedent character bag slots set? Potato potato.They could have made them account wide.They should have.I would have bought in.They didn't.I won't spend a penny on this garbage. The problem with your argument is that it's not potato, potatoe and Cyninja.2954 is absolutely correct. Shared inventory slots are classified differently from Equipment slots; as stated an Equipment slot is similar in function to a Bag slot in that it allows you to hold the different pieces of equipment in one single location, there fore it would have to be priced the same as the sell bag slots, which is per character. You also have the right not to purchase them, but I'll bet their metrics show them that many did, those dedicated enough to want to have enough equipment slots for characters that need more than the two provided would've done so. Just maybe you and I aren't the target audience for those particular items.
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