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wvw burn duration cut by 50%?


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look im sure ill get the usual (how did you not know that response)


anyways was theory crafting a fb pressure build using mantras, anyways was getting excited to try it out, got in a bunch of fights and realized i had the condi punch of a 5 year old child..


what gives i thought? everything came up right on the character panel, yup 100% burn duration.. nope back in pve world burn duration and damage doubles.. doubles!


burns are my only damage! and its cut by half in wvw..


my question is this..


is there a one stop balance notes place where i can check the extreme changes your toon under goes in wvw?


so i can stop wasting time and resources.. thanks



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53 minutes ago, Dawdler.8521 said:

But people have a tendacy to not call out builds or classes when they go on a raving rant against condi.

You're right, that said the predominant condi in WvW that people have been QQing over have been scourges and burn guardians (any spec), and the occasional condi thief. They've never complained about a condi Engineer of any sort.

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