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What is the best build for Herald to do damage now?


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PvP power herald


WvW trailblazer mallyx herald

Its so strong, trailblazer makes this build ao op, power build is nowhere near this. I was trying shiro glint, but in pvp it was way more weaker thwn it is in pvp. Malllyx glint isnt that good either but trailblazer carries this so hard. Im able to 1v3 with it. It is ez vs power builds, but condi is little bit problematic, cuz condi cleanse on rev

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   In PvP power Herald; Glint + Shiro words & staff, Herald (3,2,2)  Invocation (1,1,1,) Devastation (3,3,3) for better sustain and Herald (2,1,2) Invocation (1,2,1) Devastation (1,2,3) to be batshit aggressive. Berserker amulet, courage, energy, exposure and cleansing sigils. Rune can vary, (Dolyak, Melandru...  not much good ones to chose, to be honest):

   In WvW roaming similar build but hydromancy sigils are also good, and Durability runes are probably the best choice for power. Full zerker stats, this is probably still the best dueling Rev available.

   Condition works better against multiple foes (with not much skill or experience, because when both players are fine playing roaming/dueling builds you can't 1 vs n in most of cases). Two options there:

   Classic condition Herald with tormenting runes, full trailblazer (or dire) stats and mace + axe as main combo; the advantage is that with tormenting runes the sustain scales up the most foes you hit. The problem is that the changes in Mallyx and in resistance and resolution makes this build a little brittle (and the main source of torment with Mallys is the elite, which drains your energy very fast).

   The alternative condition herald is running full celestial with Herald (3,3,2) Invocation (1,3,1) Corruption(1,1,1) using mace + axe/swords and condemn + hydromancy sigils. The focus is on catching the foes with  the legend and weapon swapping with Invoking Torment + Diabolic Inferno + the sigils to inflic AoE condition burst. Vallun has a very good guide on YT made some months ago, albeit I use that one with Glint + Shiro instead of Glint + Mallyx (I think that Mallyx is currently weak and Shiro provides much more value). I was able to beat a FB + Holosmith duo with that one recently, so in terms of damage works nice, albeits as was said any Rev build without Jalis is vulnerable to conditions.

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