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Banner of?


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 I play a warrior, its not the best i know. but i Playing it. But Im thinking of changing it name to Mr Glass.

anyways  the banner Im using now is the power banner. but i notice in sum zergs  there is always a few power banners.

so would  it be better to change mine to healing? are something.

 Thanks for any info


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Nothing wrong with warrior, can be quite sturdy also.

Since you're talking about zergs you probably mean open world, like meta events and such.

In instanced groups 1 warrior almost always has a spot as banner slave and will bring strength (power, condi dmg) and discipline (ferocity and precision) banners. Precision also has good value for warrior personally (assuming power build) because it is harder to get high or 100% crit chance compared to some other classes. And I doubt many people in open world go for 100 % crit chance so precision will not be wasted.

As for other banners I am not really sure how valuable these are in open world. I don't think it will really have much impact which one you choose. But it's still a decent stat boost for 5 or 10 people and for you especially if you take the trait in discipline line which increases the stats for you.

I personally would first think if you actually want to use banners in open world. Maybe there are more useful skills you might want. If I would still decide for 1 banner I would probably go for discipline after strength just because faster killing also helps surviving. 

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I don't play warrior much but I've had the same problem with ranger spirits.


If it's a big event with lots of objectives (or lots of places to stand around 1 objective) I move away from them so my spirits affect people theirs won't reach. 


If its a smaller group or there's not much space I'll swap to whichever they're not using, on the basis that an additional bonus will be helpful.


Sometimes I do use a completely different skill, if I know the encounter well enough to know it would be more useful. But usually a different spirit is enough. 

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I don't use banners in open world events, unless they are absolutely necessary. Some meta bosses like Drakkar or Dragonstorm require them (since their HP is SO high and many players afk or autoattack and don't bother doing "real dps"). 


In most cases, however, players already have MORE than enough dps (in many cases mobs die before you even tag them or the meta event requires a lot of moving around and it's counter-productive placing/taking banners all the time).


I usually have 2 shout skills (For Great Justice/Shake if off) instead of banners, and warhorn off-hand for some boons. If I know CC will be needed, I take headbutt as elite or if it's an event where lots of people tend to down, I'll take Battle Standard. Warrior elites are pretty sad anyway, so...


In raids/strikes/dungeons/DRMs, etc. - always banner of discipline/strength.

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Not a warrior main, but usually banner slave warriors use power and precision, so if you want to remove power, you can use precision. However, having the traits as banner slave and using 1 single banner might be not so efficient, and especially considering that you called your character Mr Glass, I'd simply use a different build.

Personally I play a banner slave with 2 banners (power and precision) in small group contents (fractals), while I use a power dps in open world (no banner).

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