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Overall is Warrior that bad?


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It's one dimensional. In endgame PVE, you're basically just playing Banner Warrior, which is essentially a straight DPS build with your utility slots occupied. 

But don't be deluded into thinking it's somehow bad. Both Berserker and Bladesworn perform excellently on the majority of endgame PVE content (Fractals, Raids, Strikes) and happily make the fulltime DPS players nervous. 

In open world, Bladesworn is happily one-shotting most enemies - and anything you don't kill in a single hit, you stun for 5s. I'd say it's Warrior's best Open World spec to date. 

Anet has announced a Banner rework coming with the June balance patch, so we might get our support options greatly expanded depending on how they do that. 

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Warrior is not horrible. Its just pigeonholed A LOT. And our skills and traits don't do as much as other classes besides damage or CC with some vulnerability and might sprinkled in.

With other classes, they have damage mitigation and boon generation inlaid into their skills and traits. Not only that, most of their skills flow into other skills and utilities creating a heavenly synergy or great combo. Whereas for warrior, most of our skills and utilities are one and done. It doesn't naturally lead to other skills or traits. CC locking is a thing for warrior but that isn't comparable to the flow and feel of other classes and the options available to them.

All in all, its a decent class that has its ups and downs. Ratings for me goes as follows: D, C, B, A and at the top, S. I would give warrior a C+ or B- as a rating.  In the most skilled hands, warrior could be B+ or A- at most.

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