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Just a thought regarding mount skins and the upcoming Steam release...

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4 hours ago, Parasite.5389 said:

why are all the topics about Steam players treating them like total idiots?

They're not. Most of these are just improvements and clarifications that would be good to implement, not a commentary on the intelligence of the new target market.

While ArenaNet is already in the guts of their game making changes, people might as well make their suggestions. Being clear about the stuff you're selling seems like a good idea to me, and I suspect that's why they're finally releasing an actual complete edition of the game for the Steam release.

Can you think of anything that'd be bad about letting people know that buying skins won't unlock the associated mount?

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It's always bothered me that the other skin categories in the gemstore are explicitly labeled "Armor Skins," "Weapon Skins," "Glider Skins," "Skiff Skins" etc. while mount skins are simply labeled "Mounts." I've definitely seen new players confused why they couldn't use the "mount" they just bought, not realizing that buying the skin didn't unlock the mount.

If there's a downside to renaming the category "Mount Skins" for clarity and consistency, I certainly can't see it.

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