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Recurring Builds in PvP


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What are the most common builds that have popped in and out of meta over the entire history of PvP?

First one I can think of is Power Herald with the most consistent existence out of all professions flat.

Next being, I guess, Support Tempest/Power Reaper?


I'd love to see more of the previous meta builds get some nudges to return again. Some good ol' Power RR Macezerker, S/D Core Thief (although has had plenty of spotlight through Specter and Deadeye recently), Support Druid (Remember those days? Cleric's Druid was a nightmare. But Avatar's could be a fun refreshment if they did something about some of the scaling). 


Anyway, I figured I'd contribute some positivity to this thread, I'd love to see some of the older builds come back with the changes over the years and wiggle their way into some people's hearts whether niche or not.

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