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Quietest Rifle Skin


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I am looking to find the most quiet of all rifle skins.   Thus far, the following skins have been suggested to me:

  • Ironsight Bolt Thrower
  • Velocitas Eradico

Are there any others that you might suggest?    I would also be interested in any rifles that may just sound different from a "gun shot" so that it isn't quite as grating on the ears after a while.  (For example, if there was a rifle that sounded like a long bow.)


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Problem is you can't separate the skin from the sound.  I'm stuck with the loud bangs on my mech rifle because I like using the jade tech skins to match my mech =p. I don't mind it too much though.


I've tried velocitas eradico but wasn't impressed.  Might have to hunt down the bolt thrower and try it.

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