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Why Aren't Well of Senility & Null Field Unblockable?


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Well of senility deals more damage in competitive modes, at least if I am reading this correctly here. It deals 0,7 power coefficient per second, right? Meanwhile well of corruption has a severely reduced damage coefficient in WvW, hitting just for 0,28 coefficient per second.

Additionally, well of senility applies chill with every tick, making it easier to keep enemies in the well if it's also unblockable.

So well of senility not being unblockable makes some sense for me. But I have no idea why it's that way for null field.


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30 minutes ago, Alsandar.7420 said:

What you guys think if null field qualified as a well? Then it could give alac or quickness

It's a glamour, and once upon a time, there were traits that gave glamour skills something depending on what you traited, so once upon a time null field wasn't just a strip/clense, it had the potential to be more.


In that case - since it had backing traits to make it into something more - sure, unblockable might be overkill.

But there are no more traits that affect glamours, so i should be unblockable.


Doesn't have to be a well or give alacrity, you're using it to strip more than clense, so it would need to have an adverse effect as well to make it have a use in both cases. But it doesn't need that, all ti needs - especially now with the longer cooldown - is to be unblockable.

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Well of senility deals damage, so it makes sense for it to be blockable.

Null field feels like it should be unblockable (you want to strip a boon from a guardian, but aegis blocks it and they have even more boons than they started with), but I guess it can be blocked for WvW balance, as it's quite strong there.

But hear me out: we get a glamour trait. With the trait, Null Field blocks opponent's combo fields. No more leaping over smoke to camp stealth. If that's not peak mesmer design, nothing is.

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