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Classic Mini Season


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40 minutes ago, Avatar.3568 said:

conquest, i think for core deathmatch dmg is to low

Well Ranger, Guardian, Mesmer and Thief can pack quite a big punch, core necro potentially can do allot of power damage if it doesn't need to cover its kitten from teleports all the time, not sure about Ele or Engi but they did get allot of damage multipliers over the years on core, then there is Rev but it has Shiro and there wouldn't be much difference there since all rev specs have their main thing being Shiro. Potentially Warrior would probably have trouble with landing anything and not so much with the damage. 

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There is a lot of mini seasons they could easily do:

  • core only
  • hot only
  • pof only
  • light armor only
  • medium armor only
  • heavy armor only
  • no support amulet
  • no condi amulet
  • no downstate
  • no boons

They could even combine any of the above to create more "unique" mini seasons. I think they are just lazy at this point.

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