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Can we have tournaments prevent elite specialization stacking?


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IIRC doesn't ranked in League of Legends do this right? It's been a long while since I played that game but you couldn't stack any champs in the ranked game modes there.

GW2 is a bit harder since you can have the same "class" but different "elites", like tempest and cata. Idk how anet would go about working that bit out but yeah, it kinda boggles my mind too why it's allowed. It really shows the decay and state of gw2 pvp clearly IMO.

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1 hour ago, UmbraNoctis.1907 said:

Hiding blatant balance issues does not fix those. It might just make those less obvious for "outsiders" such as the devs and therefore potentially decrease the likelihood that they get worked on in a somewhat timely manner.

I was unaware you could decrease a likelihood that was already 0.  

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It really would help skew the diversity & viability of the intra-class dynamic if they would simply limit MAT formations to 1 class type per team. IE: You can have only 1x Ele base in the team, can't have a Tempest and a Catalyst.

And even if you try to swap mid-game, it still limits your swaps to this rule.

It should be like this in normal ATs and ranked as well imo.

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