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WvW Map Revamp Idea


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As the power creep of professions has increased the threat from any of the PvE mobs in WvW has completely gone. 

Arena Net should buff all the Mobs in this gamemode, not necessarily their Health but rather their damage and give them the ability to threaten a Camp or Yak. They should pull some idea from DOTA games and allow Mercenaries or even Bosses to provide some extra help in attacking a Keep or Tower. Temporary boons, mercenaries even some mobile siege equipment could all be possibilities.

Anyone else got anything to add to this thought?

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You don’t need to be buffed to kill npc’s.  All you need is a build that already exists that gives you killing power and a bit of protection.   Big damage takes camps down fast, at least for me.  It’s so easy to take down a camp solo that it’s hard for me to understand people that I sometimes find dead under camp guards.  😖

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