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I don't understand why story related outfits are not unlockables

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Title. There are a lot of costumes that either serve as a disguise or whatever for certain story parts and these sometimes even seem to have race specific variants, so what I'm trying to get at is,  if you went through all this effort, why not make these unlockables, let players keep them?

As an ESO refugee this was a thing I really liked about that game and how they handled disguises and other quest related outfits. I think this is one of the ways you can make some of the existing content more relevant for new players. There is a certain type of joy in unlocking these kind of things via gameplay and not just buying them off of the gold/gems I farmed.



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I like the idea, but as far as I remember most of those disguises use existing armour skins and at least one uses an existing outfit (the pirate disguise during the Order of Whispers story step Down the Hatch, it's the Pirate Captain's Outfit). The only one I can think of where the disguise isn't already available is the prisoners rags from The Hero of Istan. I can't find an image of it, but it's grey tattered rags and used by several NPC prisoners as well.

There are ones that use armour skins which might not be available to that character, for example the robes you're in when you first arrive in Cantha in the End of Dragons story are light armour even if your character wears medium or heavy, and there's a heart where you're disguised as a Nightmare Court member in Sylvari cultural armour, but I think it's unlikely Anet would turn existing armour sets into outfits.

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Unlock more skins. And paint. What you want is probably already available.

Good luck. And have lots of money. And time. Fashion is expensive in this game. And very grindy. Its one of "end game" activities.

Its how GW2 is. Getting to 80, getiing so called "end game gear" is easy. Looking good is like ultra CM raid multiplied 100 times.

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